UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Engineering, Computing and Mathematics Office (Engineering, Computing and Mathematics)

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BMEG5551  Biomedical Engineering Design Project 1
BMEG5552  Biomedical Engineering Design Project 2


CHPR5551  Chemical Engineering Design Project 1
CHPR5552  Chemical Engineering Design Project 2


CITS2200  Data Structures and Algorithms
CITS3003  Graphics and Animation
CITS3010  Professional Practicum
CITS3200  Professional Computing
CITS3401  Data Warehousing
CITS3402  High Performance Computing
CITS3403  Agile Web Development
CITS5551  Software Engineering Design Project 1
CITS5552  Software Engineering Design Project 2


CIVL5551  Civil Engineering Design Project 1
CIVL5552  Civil Engineering Design Project 2


ELEC5551  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Design Project 1
ELEC5552  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Design Project 2


ENSC1001  Global Challenges in Engineering
ENSC1002  Material Behaviour from Atoms to Bridges
ENSC1601  Large-scale Engineering Wonders
ENSC2001  Motion
ENSC2002  Energy
ENSC2011  Global Challenges in Engineering
ENSC2601  A Critical Theory of Technological Development
ENSC3001  Mechanisms and Machines
ENSC3002  Materials and Manufacturing
ENSC3003  Fluid Mechanics
ENSC3004  Solid Mechanics
ENSC3005  Mass and Energy Balances
ENSC3006  Chemical Process Thermodynamics
ENSC3007  Heat and Mass Transfer
ENSC3008  Structural Analysis
ENSC3009  Geomechanics
ENSC3010  Hydraulics
ENSC3011  Resource Extraction Technologies
ENSC3012  Data Collection and Analysis
ENSC3013  Environmental Systems
ENSC3014  Electronic Materials and Devices
ENSC3015  Signals and Systems
ENSC3016  Power and Machines
ENSC3017  Circuits and Electronics
ENSC3018  Process Synthesis and Design
ENSC3019  Unit Operations and Unit Processes
ENSC3023  Biomedical Engineering
ENSC4011  Engineering Science Honours Research Project Part 1
ENSC4012  Engineering Science Honours Research Project Part 2


ENVE5551  Environmental Engineering Design Project 1
ENVE5552  Environmental Engineering Design Project 2


GENG4010  Professional Practicum
GENG4020  Professional Practicum
GENG4402  Control Engineering
GENG4403  Extractive Metallurgy
GENG4405  Numerical Methods and Modelling
GENG4407  Advanced Engineering Mathematics
GENG4408  Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
GENG5000  Professional Practicum
GENG5011  Engineering Honours Research Project Part 1
GENG5012  Engineering Honours Research Project Part 2
GENG5501  Coastal and Offshore Engineering
GENG5502  Environmental Geotechnics
GENG5503  Modern Control Systems
GENG5504  Petroleum Engineering
GENG5505  Project Management and Engineering Practice
GENG5506  Renewable Energy
GENG5507  Risk, Reliability and Safety
GENG5508  Robotics
GENG5511  Engineering Research Project Part 1
GENG5512  Engineering Research Project Part 2
GENG5514  Finite Element Methods
GENG5515  Interdisciplinary Design Project


MATH1001  Mathematical Methods 1
MATH1002  Mathematical Methods 2
MATH1011  Multivariable Calculus
MATH1012  Mathematical Theory and Methods
MATH1601  Mathematics, Culture and Everyday Life
MATH2021  Introduction to Applied Mathematics
MATH2031  Introduction to Pure Mathematics
MATH2501  Mathematical Methods 3
MATH3021  Dynamics and Control
MATH3022  Scientific and Industrial Modelling
MATH3023  Advanced Mathematics Applications
MATH3031  Algebraic Structures and Symmetry
MATH3032  Analysis and Geometry


MECH5551  Mechanical Engineering Design Project 1
MECH5552  Mechanical Engineering Design Project 2


MINE5551  Mining Engineering Design Project 1
MINE5552  Mining Engineering Design Project 2


OGEG5802  Introduction to Offshore Engineering
OGEG5809  Field Development Project
OGEG5810  The Hydrocarbon Economy


STAT1400  Statistics for Science
STAT1520  Economic and Business Statistics
STAT2401  Analysis of Experiments
STAT2402  Analysis of Observations
STAT3061  Random Processes and their Applications
STAT3062  Statistical Science
STAT3401  Advanced Data Analysis
STAT3402  Communication and Problem Solving with Statistics
STAT4065  Multilevel and Mixed-Effects Modelling
STAT4066  Bayesian Computing and Statistics
STAT4067  Applied Statistics and Data Visualisation

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