UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Mechanical and Chemical Engineering (Engineering, Computing and Mathematics)

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ASST8730  Dissertation MBEAsset Mgt Part 1
ASST8731  Dissertation MBEAsset Mgt Part 2
ASST8732  Dissertation MBEAsset Mgt Part 3


CHPR4404  Advanced Thermodynamics
CHPR4405  Particle Mechanics and Solids Handling
CHPR4406  Reaction Engineering
CHPR4407  Transport Phenomena
CHPR5501  Advanced Reaction Engineering and Catalysts
CHPR5520  Combustion Science and Technology
CHPR5521  Gas Processing 1—Flow Assurance and Gathering
CHPR5522  Gas Processing 2—Treating and LNG Production


ENSC3022  Global Energy Production: Challenges and Opportunities


GENG5010  Professional Engineering Portfolio
GENG5801  Engineering Asset Management
GENG5802  Asset Failures
GENG5803  Investment Management for Field Development
GENG5804  Decision Making Under Risk


MECH3402  Engineering Project 1
MECH3406  Engineering Project 2
MECH4424  Measurement and Noise
MECH4426  Dynamics, Vibration and Sound
MECH4428  Degradation of Materials
MECH4429  Applied Engineering Thermodynamics
MECH5501  Advanced Vibration and Sound
MECH5502  Analysis and Design of Machine Components
MECH5504  Design and Failure Analysis of Materials


OGEG4590  Special Topics in Oil and Gas Engineering
OGEG5801  Introduction to Oil and Gas Engineering
OGEG5803  Reservoir Engineering
OGEG5805  Drilling Engineering
OGEG5806  Process Simulation
OGEG5807  Subsea Technology
OGEG5808  Offshore Structures
OGEG8521  Oil and Gas Engineering Dissertation Part 1
OGEG8522  Oil and Gas Engineering Dissertation Part 2
OGEG8523  Oil and Gas Engineering Dissertation Part 3


PETR4511  Reservoir Simulation
PETR8522  Reservoir Simulation

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