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Units: Science

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AGRI2001  World Food Production Systems
AGRI2201  Pasture and Livestock Systems
AGRI2298  Special unit: Agricultural exchange to Indonesia
AGRI4401  Advanced Crop Production Science
AGRI4402  Agribusiness
AGRI4403  Animal Reproduction
AGRI4404  Breeding and Animal Biotechnology
AGRI4405  Breeding and Plant Biotechnology
AGRI4406  Integrated Pest Management
AGRI4407  Plant and Human Nutrition
AGRI4511  Agriculture Honours Research Project Development
AGRI4512  Agriculture Honours Research Presentation
AGRI5402  Agribusiness
AGRI5501  Advanced Breeding and Biotechnology in Action
AGRI5502  Case Studies in Breeding and Biotechnology
AGRI5503  Animal Production Systems
AGRI5504  Organic Agriculture
AGRI5506  Integrated Pest Management
AGRI5508  Sustainable Grazing Systems
AGRI5509  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Project Development
AGRI5510  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Presentation
AGRI5511  Plant Production Project Part 1
AGRI5512  Plant Production Project Part 2
AGRI5513  Animal Production Project Part 1
AGRI5514  Animal Production Project Part 2
AGRI5515  Soil Science Project Part 1
AGRI5516  Soil Science Project Part 2
AGRI5517  Agricultural Economics Project Part 1
AGRI5518  Agricultural Economics Project Part 2
AGRI5519  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 1
AGRI5520  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 2
AGRI5521  Plant Production Project Part 1
AGRI5522  Plant Production Project Part 2
AGRI5523  Plant Production Project Part 3
AGRI5524  Plant Production Project Part 4
AGRI5525  Animal Production Project Part 1
AGRI5526  Animal Production Project Part 2
AGRI5527  Animal Production Project Part 3
AGRI5528  Animal Production Project Part 4
AGRI5533  Agricultural Economics Project Part 1
AGRI5534  Agricultural Economics Project Part 2
AGRI5535  Agricultural Economics Project Part 3
AGRI5536  Agricultural Economics Project Part 4
AGRI5537  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 1
AGRI5538  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 2
AGRI5539  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 3
AGRI5540  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 4
AGRI5541  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 1
AGRI5542  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 2
AGRI5543  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 3
AGRI5544  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 4
AGRI5545  International Agriculture: Research and Development (Agricultural Economics)
AGRI5546  International Agriculture: Research and Development (Crop and Livestock Farming Systems)
AGRI5547  International Agriculture: Research and Development (Genetics and Breeding)
AGRI5548  International Agriculture: Research and Development (Soil Science and Plant Nutrition)
AGRI5551  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Dissertation Part 1
AGRI5552  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Dissertation Part 2
AGRI5553  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Dissertation Part 3
AGRI5554  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Dissertation Part 4
AGRI5560  Agricultural Economics Literature Review and Research Proposal
AGRI5561  Agricultural Economics Research Project Part 1
AGRI5562  Agricultural Economics Research Project Part 2
AGRI5563  Agricultural Economics Research Project Part 3


ANHB1101  Human Biology I: Becoming Human
ANHB1102  Human Biology II: Being Human
ANHB2212  Human Structure and Development
ANHB2213  Human Functional Anatomy
ANHB2214  Human Organs and Systems
ANHB2215  Biological Anthropology: Human Adaptation and Variation
ANHB2216  Human Reproductive Biology
ANHB2217  Human Neurobiology
ANHB3310  Human Biology: Applications and Investigations I
ANHB3315  Human Evolutionary Ecology
ANHB3316  Human Reproduction
ANHB3320  Human Biology: Applications and Investigations II
ANHB3321  Biological Anthropology: Genes and Society
ANHB3322  Human/Primate Social Organisation
ANHB3323  Cells, Tissues and Development
ANHB3324  Human Structure and Function
ANHB3328  Communication Systems in the Human Body
ANHB4103  Normal Systems 1
ANHB5404  Project Analysis
ANHB5405  Project Design
ANHB5431  Fundamentals of Sleep Technology
ANHB5432  Fundamentals of Sleep Biology
ANHB5433  Sleep Technology in Practice
ANHB5434  Sleep Biology in Practice
ANHB5437  Current Concepts in Human Biology Part 1
ANHB5438  Human Biology Project
ANHB5443  Anatomical Sciences Dissertation Part 2
ANHB5444  Principles and Practice of Human Biology Part 1
ANHB5445  Principles and Practice of Human Biology Part 2
ANHB5446  Human Biology Dissertation Part 1
ANHB5447  Human Biology Dissertation Part 2
ANHB5448  Current Concepts in Human Biology Part 2
ANHB5451  Human Biology for Medical Physicists
ANHB5452  Adult Sleep Science
ANHB5453  Advanced Sleep Technology and Laboratory Management
ANHB5454  Advanced Sleep Scoring
ANHB5455  Applied Anatomy for Ergonomics
ANHB5456  Clinical Research and Biostatistics
ANHB5457  Advanced Competencies in Sleep Science
ANHB5512  Project Unit Research
ANHB5530  Advanced Sleep Disorders and Anatomy of Sleep
ANHB5532  Fundamentals of Dental Sleep Medicine
ANHB5533  Oral Appliance Therapy in Sleep Disordered Breathing
ANHB5534  Dental Sleep Medicine in Practice
ANHB5535  Advanced Competency in Dental Sleep Medicine
ANHB5999  Special unit: Human Neurobiology
ANHB9505  Anatomy and Human Biology Thesis


ANIM1001  The Darwinian Revolution
ANIM2207  Animal Function and Structure
ANIM2208  Animal Ethics and Welfare
ANIM2209  Field Studies in Zoology
ANIM2297  Special unit: Human-wildlife conflict in Sri Lanka
ANIM3306  Clean, Green and Ethical Animal Production
ANIM3320  Comparative Neurobiology
ANIM3353  Wildlife Conservation and Management
ANIM3361  Animal Populations
ANIM3362  Evolutionary Processes
ANIM3363  Environmental Physiology
ANIM3365  Behavioural Ecology
ANIM4003  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 3
ANIM4004  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 4
ANIM4005  Zoology Research Presentation Skills
ANIM4006  Zoology Research Development
ANIM4007  Marine Megafauna
ANIM5001  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 1
ANIM5002  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 2
ANIM5003  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 3
ANIM5004  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 4
ANIM5501  Evolution and Development
ANIM5502  Evolutionary Biology
ANIM5511  Zoology Masters Research Project Development
ANIM5512  Zoology Masters Research Presentation
ANIM5551  Zoology Masters Research Dissertation Part 1
ANIM5552  Zoology Masters Research Dissertation Part 2
ANIM5553  Zoology Masters Research Dissertation Part 3
ANIM5554  Zoology Masters Research Dissertation Part 4


APHB4001  Scientific Communication Part 1
APHB4002  Research Design and Analysis Part 1
APHB4003  Research Design and Analysis Part 2
APHB4008  Scientific Communication Part 2
APHB5500  Advanced Research Techniques
APHB5501  Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
APHB5502  Human Ecology
APHB5503  Neuroendocrinology
APHB5504  Advanced Techniques in Physiology
APHB5505  Advanced Studies in Physiology
APHB5510  Advanced Aesthetic Crossovers of Art and Science
APHB5511  Advanced Art and Life Manipulation
APHB5512  SymbioticA Project Preparation
APHB5513  SymbioticA Project Research
APHB5514  Honours Dissertation Part 1
APHB5515  Honours Dissertation Part 2
APHB5516  Honours Dissertation Part 3
APHB5517  Honours Dissertation Part 4
APHB5518  Biological Art Integration Studies II
APHB5519  Biological Art Integration Studies I
APHB5520  Literature Review and Research Proposal
APHB5521  Science Research Project Part 1
APHB5522  Science Research Project Part 2
APHB5523  Science Research Project Part 3
APHB5524  Major Project and Dissertation Part 1
APHB5525  Major Project and Dissertation Part 2
APHB5526  Major Project and Dissertation Part 3
APHB5527  Major Project and Dissertation Part 4
APHB5597  Special unit: Biological Anthropology: Human Adaptation and Variation
APHB5598  Special unit: Special Topic Unit: Master of Biological Arts


BIOC2001  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the Cell
BIOC2002  Biochemical Regulation of Cell Function
BIOC2201  Biochemistry of the Cell
BIOC2202  Biochemical Regulation of Cell Function
BIOC3001  Molecular Biology
BIOC3002  Structural and Functional Biochemistry
BIOC3003  Omics—Global Approaches to Cell Function
BIOC3004  Biochemistry in Health and Disease
BIOC3005  Cellular Biochemistry
BIOC3353  Molecular and Structural Biochemistry Part 1
BIOC3354  Molecular and Structural Biochemistry Part 2
BIOC4001  Advanced Studies in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
BIOC4002  Fundamentals of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I
BIOC4003  Fundamentals of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II
BIOC5001  Advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Techniques


BIOL1130  Frontiers in Biology
BIOL1131  Plant and Animal Biology
BIOL2204  Marine Biology
BIOL2261  Conservation Biology
BIOL3360  Saving Endangered Species
BIOL4404  Experimental Zoology
BIOL4405  Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL4406  Vertebrate Zoology
BIOL4407  Marine Conservation and Fisheries Management
BIOL4408  Marine Ecology
BIOL4409  Ecological Field Methods
BIOL5501  Origins, Evolution and Conservation of Biodiversity
BIOL5502  Managing Threatened Species
BIOL5503  Sampling Techniques in Wildlife Research
BIOL5504  Sex in the Sea
BIOL5505  Marine Neuroecology and Behaviour
BIOL5511  Zoology Project Part 1
BIOL5512  Zoology Project Part 2
BIOL5513  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5514  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5515  Marine Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5516  Marine Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5520  Zoology Project Part 1
BIOL5521  Zoology Project Part 2
BIOL5522  Zoology Project Part 3
BIOL5523  Zoology Project Part 4
BIOL5524  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5525  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5526  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 3
BIOL5527  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 4
BIOL5528  Marine Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5529  Marine Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5530  Marine Biology Project Part 3
BIOL5531  Marine Biology Project Part 4
BIOL5542  Conservation Genetics
BIOL5552  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Dissertation Part 1
BIOL5553  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Dissertation Part 2
BIOL5554  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Dissertation Part 3
BIOL5555  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Dissertation Part 4
BIOL5556  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Presentation Skills
BIOL5595  Special unit: Research Rock Lobsters
BIOL5596  Special unit: Research Mini-Project
BIOL5597  Special unit: International Research Disseration


BTEC5501  Biotechnology Masters Research Dissertation Part 1
BTEC5502  Biotechnology Masters Research Dissertation Part 2
BTEC5503  Biotechnology Masters Research Dissertation Part 3
BTEC5504  Biotechnology Masters Research Dissertation Part 4
BTEC5505  Biotechnology Masters Research Presentation
BTEC5506  Biotechnology Masters Research Project Development


CHEM1001  Chemistry—Properties and Energetics
CHEM1002  Chemistry—Structure and Reactivity
CHEM1003  Introductory Chemistry
CHEM1004  Biological Chemistry
CHEM2001  Core Chemical Concepts and Techniques
CHEM2002  Physical and Analytical Chemistry
CHEM2003  Chemical Synthesis
CHEM2210  Structure Determination and Physical Chemistry
CHEM2211  Synthetic and Materials Chemistry
CHEM2221  Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM3001  Essential Chemical Skills
CHEM3002  Chemical Explorations
CHEM3003  Advanced Chemical Synthesis
CHEM3004  Synthetic Applications
CHEM3005  Chemical Spectroscopy and Structure
CHEM3006  Chemistry Beyond the Laboratory
CHEM3007  The Chemistry of Reactions
CHEM3008  The Molecules of Life
CHEM3305  Biological Chemistry
CHEM3307  Metals in Biological Chemistry
CHEM3312  Chemistry of Drug Design and Discovery
CHEM3319  Analytical Chemistry and Occupational Health and Safety
CHEM3391  Chemistry Research Part 1
CHEM3392  Special unit: Chemistry Research Part 2
CHEM4001  Advanced Studies in Chemistry
CHEM4309  Occupational Hygiene and Chemical Safety
CHEM5850  Chemistry for Food Science
CHEM5851  Chemical and Physical Food Hazards
CHEM7400  Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
CHEM7401  Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
CHEM7402  Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 2
CHEM7403  Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 1
CHEM8801  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 1
CHEM8803  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 2
CHEM8804  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 3
CHEM8805  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 4


DENT4101  Anatomy Physiology and Cell Biology
DENT4102  Anatomy and Physiology for Dentistry
DENT4107  Introduction to Pain Control
DENT5600  Principles of Dental Public Health
DENT5626  Oral Health Care Provision
DENT5627  Oral Health Promotion
DENT5628  Management and Financing of Oral Health Services
DENT5629  Research Methods in Dental Public and Primary Health
DENT5630  Dental Epidemiology
DENT5639  Dissertation (full-time)
DENT5641  Dissertation (part-time)
DENT5643  Essential Rural and Remote Dental Practice 1
DENT5644  Essential Rural and Remote Dental Practice 2
DENT5645  Essential Rural and Remote Dental Practice 3
DENT5646  Essential Rural and Remote Dental Practice 4
DENT5647  Introduction to Rural and Remote Dentistry and Research
DENT5648  Rural and Remote Dentistry and Research


EART1104  Discovering Earth
EART1105  The Dynamic Planet
EART2231  Earth Materials
EART2232  Field Geology
EART2234  Earth Processes
EART3338  Land Capability Assessment
EART3339  Land Rehabilitation
EART3342  Geochemistry and Petrology
EART3343  Structural Geology and Tectonics
EART3344  Basin Analysis
EART3351  Mineral Resources
EART3353  Geological Mapping
EART5598  Special unit: Advanced Mineralology and Fluids I -IV


ECON1120  Environmental Economics 1
ECON2224  Environmental Economics 2
ECON3300  Agricultural Economics and Marketing
ECON3323  Business and the Environment
ECON4001  Agricultural Trade and Commodity Markets
ECON4002  Core Concepts in Agricultural and Applied Economics
ECON4410  Environmental and Resource Economics
ECON5001  Contemporary Issues in Economic Development
ECON5002  Agriculture and Economic Development
ECON5003  Fundamental Microeconomics for Agriculture and Policy
ECON5004  Microeconometric Models for Agriculture and Natural Resources
ECON5005  Production Economics and Efficiency Analysis
ECON5006  Topics in Agricultural Economics
ECON5510  Consumer Behaviour and Demand Analysis
ECON5511  Climate, Energy and Water Economics


ENRL8529  Geometallurgy [KEA711 UTAS]
ENRL8531  Volcanology and Mineralisation in Volcanic Terrains [KEA708 UTAS]
ENRL8532  Ore Deposit Models and Exploration Strategies [KEA712 UTAS]
ENRL8533  Ore Deposit Geochemistry, Hydrology and Geochronology [KEA709 UTAS]
ENRL8534  Ores in Magmatic Arcs [KEA707 UTAS]
ENRL8535  Exploration in Brownfield Terrains [KEA710 UTAS]
ENRL8538  Natural Resources Economics [ECON6008 Curtin]
ENRL8541  Resource Cost and Capital 602 [313412 Curtin]
ENRL8542  Resource Sector Finance [ECON6013 Curtin]
ENRL8544  Business and Financial Management in the Minerals Industry [EA5024 JCU]
ENRL8545  Advanced Field Training [EA5027 JCU]
ENRL8546  Advanced Techniques in Mining and Exploration Geology [EA5028 JCU]
ENRL8549  Mineral Finance and Project Evaluation 601 [312811 Curtin]


ENVT1103  Natural History
ENVT1104  Environmental Science and Technology
ENVT2220  The Climate System
ENVT2221  Global Climate Change and Biodiversity
ENVT2236  Soil Science
ENVT2250  Ecology
ENVT2251  Hydrology and Water Resource Management
ENVT3060  Soil–Plant Interactions
ENVT3306  Coastal Conservation and Management
ENVT3307  Oceanography
ENVT3309  Tropical Marine Fieldwork
ENVT3310  Biodiversity on Country
ENVT3330  Research Residency in Albany
ENVT3360  Ecosystem Restoration
ENVT3361  Environmental Assessment
ENVT3362  Environmental Dynamics
ENVT3363  Ecological Processes
ENVT4401  Advanced Land Use and Management
ENVT4402  Analysis for Natural Resource Management
ENVT4403  Coastal and Estuarine Processes
ENVT4404  Environmental Planning and Management
ENVT4406  Catchment and River Processes
ENVT4408  GIS Programming
ENVT4409  Remote Sensing of the Environment
ENVT4411  Geographic Information Systems Applications
ENVT4471  Project Management
ENVT4472  Science of Water
ENVT4473  Water, Sustainability and Development
ENVT4474  Water Governance and Policy
ENVT5001  Biotechnology in the Natural Environment
ENVT5002  Advanced Studies in Environmental Biotechnology
ENVT5502  Marine and Coastal Planning and Management
ENVT5503  Remediation of Soils and Groundwater
ENVT5504  GIS and the Built Environment
ENVT5505  Biodiversity and Landscapes
ENVT5506  Core Principles of Ecotourism
ENVT5507  Ecotourism in Practice
ENVT5508  Advanced Spatial Analytics
ENVT5509  Global Ecological Challenges
ENVT5510  Soil Dynamics
ENVT5511  Advanced Geographic Information Systems for Environmental Management
ENVT5512  Ecosystem Biogeochemistry
ENVT5513  Decision Strategies for Biodiversity Conservation
ENVT5521  Environmental Management Project Part 1
ENVT5522  Environmental Management Project Part 2
ENVT5523  Land and Water Management Project Part 1
ENVT5524  Land and Water Management Project Part 2
ENVT5525  Marine and Coastal Management Project Part 1
ENVT5526  Marine and Coastal Management Project Part 2
ENVT5540  Marine and Coastal Management Project Part 3
ENVT5541  Marine and Coastal Management Project Part 4
ENVT5550  Special unit: Masters Research Project
ENVT5571  Catchment and Aquatic Ecosystem Health
ENVT5572  Water Planning and Economics
ENVT5573  Water and Agricultural Landscapes
ENVT5574  Collaborative Planning
ENVT5580  Ecotourism Research Project Part 1
ENVT5581  Ecotourism Research Project Part 2
ENVT5582  Ecotourism Research Project Part 3
ENVT5583  Ecotourism Research Project Part 4
ENVT5585  Integrated Water Management: Water, Land and People Research Project Part 1
ENVT5586  Integrated Water Management: Water, Land and People Research Project Part 2
ENVT5587  Integrated Water Management: Water, Land and People Research Project Part 3
ENVT5588  Integrated Water Management: Water, Land and People Research Project Part 4


FNSC2200  Mysteries of Forensic Science
FNSC4497  Bio-Archaeology Fieldschool
FNSC5501  Evidence in Investigations 1
FNSC5502  Evidence in Investigations 2
FNSC5504  Open Source Intelligence
FNSC5505  Forensic Intelligence and Crime Analysis
FNSC5506  Crime in the Digital Environment
FNSC5507  Contemporary Issues in Investigation Management
FNSC5508  Introduction to Forensic Science
FNSC5515  Molecular Osteology
FNSC5516  Forensic Odontology and Introductory Osteology
FNSC5517  Forensic Analysis of Crime in the Digital Environment
FNSC5518  Forensic Science and Policing
FNSC5519  Forensic DNA and the Law
FNSC5530  Food Science: Emerging Issues
FNSC5540  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5541  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 2
FNSC5542  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 3
FNSC5543  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 4
FNSC5544  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5545  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 2
FNSC5546  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 3
FNSC5547  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 4
FNSC5548  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5549  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 2
FNSC5550  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 3
FNSC5551  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 4
FNSC5611  Ethics and Research Methods in Forensic Science
FNSC5612  Forensic Anthropology I—Introductory Theory and Method
FNSC5613  Introduction to Forensic Chemistry
FNSC5614  Forensic Archaeology—Theory and Method
FNSC5615  Medicolegal Death Investigation
FNSC5619  Forensic DNA Analysis
FNSC5621  Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 1
FNSC5622  Scientific Expert Testimony
FNSC5624  Advanced Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 1
FNSC5626  Forensic Anthropology II—Advanced Theory and Method
FNSC5627  Forensic Anthropology Professional Project Part 1
FNSC5628  Forensic Anthropology Professional Project Part 2
FNSC5631  Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 2
FNSC5634  Advanced Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 2
FNSC5647  Forensic Science Dissertation (Odontology) Part 1
FNSC5648  Forensic Science Dissertation (Odontology) Part 2
FNSC5649  Forensic Anthropology Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5650  Forensic Science Dissertation (Anthropology) Part 2
FNSC7411  Forensic Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
FNSC7412  Forensic Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
FNSC7413  Forensic Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 1
FNSC7414  Forensic Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 2
FNSC8563  Botanical Evidence
FNSC8604  Case Study Part 1
FNSC8605  Case Study Part 2
FNSC9644  Forensic Science Thesis (Anthropology) (full-time)


GENE2204  Principles of Genetics
GENE2250  Principles of Inheritance
GENE3331  Molecular Genetics and Genomics Part 1
GENE3332  Molecular Genetics and Genomics Part 2
GENE3350  Evolution and Development
GENE3370  Genomics
GENE4001  Advanced Studies in Genetics and Genomics
GENE4002  Integrated Topics in Genetics I
GENE4003  Integrated Topics in Genetics II
GENE5001  Advanced Genomics Techniques
GENE7400  Genetics Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
GENE7401  Genetics Honours Major Research Project Part 1
GENE7402  Genetics Honours Major Research Project Part 2
GENE7403  Genetics Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2


GEOG1103  Geographies of a Global City
GEOG1104  Disasters!
GEOG2201  Geographic Information Systems
GEOG2202  Reading Landscapes: People and Processes
GEOG2204  International Field Work in Geography
GEOG2205  Geographies of Economic Development
GEOG2206  Social Geography and Planning
GEOG3011  Special unit: Sustainable Community Development Practicum
GEOG3204  Special unit: International Field Work in Geography
GEOG3301  Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing
GEOG3302  Geographic, Environment and Planning Fieldwork
GEOG3303  Environmental Policy and Planning
GEOG3304  Environmental Change
GEOG3305  Urban Planning and Design
GEOG3306  Regional Development and Planning
GEOG3307  Coastal Environments
GEOG4001  Population, Migration and Development
GEOG4011  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 1
GEOG4012  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 2
GEOG4013  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 3
GEOG4014  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 4
GEOG5002  Case Studies in Development Practice
GEOG5003  Mining and Regional Development
GEOG5004  Place-based Development
GEOG5005  Advanced GIS in the Social Sciences
GEOG5011  Master's Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 1
GEOG5012  Master's Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 2
GEOG5013  Master's Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 3
GEOG5014  Master's Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 4
GEOG5021  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 1
GEOG5022  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 2
GEOG5023  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 3
GEOG5024  Honours Research Project in Geography, Environment and Planning Part 4
GEOG5550  Research Design
GEOG5551  Master's Dissertation 1
GEOG5552  Master's Dissertation 2
GEOG5553  Master's Dissertation 3


GEOP4001  Exploration Seismology
GEOP4002  Geophysical Data Acquisition and Analysis
GEOP4011  Honours Research Project in Geophysics Part 1
GEOP4012  Honours Research Project in Geophysics Part 2
GEOP4013  Honours Research Project in Geophysics Part 3
GEOP4014  Honours Research Project in Geophysics Part 4


GEOS4011  Honours Research Project in Geology Part 1
GEOS4012  Honours Research Project in Geology Part 2
GEOS4013  Honours Research Project in Geology Part 3
GEOS4014  Honours Research Project in Geology Part 4
GEOS4015  Honours Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 1
GEOS4016  Honours Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 2
GEOS4017  Honours Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 3
GEOS4018  Honours Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 4
GEOS4401  Hydrogeological Systems
GEOS4402  Hydrogeological Impact Assessment
GEOS4410  Australia's Geological Evolution
GEOS4411  Mineralising Systems
GEOS4412  Petroleum Systems
GEOS4413  Environmental Geoscience
GEOS4415  Applied Geoscience Topics
GEOS4417  Structural Geology for Exploration
GEOS4418  Basin Analysis Techniques
GEOS4419  Biostratigraphy
GEOS4498  Fundamentals of Sedimentology
GEOS4499  Land and Water Fundamentals
GEOS5011  Masters Research Project in Geoscience Part 1
GEOS5012  Masters Research Project in Geoscience Part 2
GEOS5013  Masters Research Project in Geoscience Part 3
GEOS5014  Masters Research Project in Geoscience Part 4
GEOS5015  Masters Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 1
GEOS5016  Masters Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 2
GEOS5017  Masters Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 3
GEOS5018  Masters Research Project in Hydrogeology Part 4
GEOS5501  Advanced Hydrogeology
GEOS5502  Hydrogeology Industry Placement
GEOS5503  Advanced Petroleum Geoscience
GEOS5504  Mining Hydrogeology
GEOS5505  Multiscale Tectonic Systems
GEOS5506  Structural Analysis for Petroleum Geoscience
GEOS5507  Analytical Techniques for the Geosciences
GEOS5508  Isotope Geochemistry
GEOS5509  Sedimentary Basin Field Excursion
GEOS5510  Applied Palynology
GEOS5521  Geoscience Project Part 1
GEOS5522  Geoscience Project Part 2
GEOS5523  Hydrogeology Project Part 1
GEOS5524  Hydrogeology Project Part 2
GEOS5596  Geoscience Internship


MING5501  Applied Structural Geology
MING5502  Exploration Targeting
MING5503  Ore Deposit Field Excursion
MING5504  Advanced Ore Deposits
MING5505  Mineral Exploration Data Analysis


MSCI4001  Research Methodology, Data Acquisition and Evaluation Part 1
MSCI4002  Research Methodology, Data Acquisition and Evaluation Part 2
MSCI4003  Research Methodology, Data Acquisition and Evaluation Part 3
MSCI4004  Research Methodology, Data Acquisition and Evaluation Part 4
MSCI4005  Research Project Development and Communication
MSCI4006  Advanced Techniques in Molecular Sciences
MSCI4007  Seminar Appraisal and Presentation
MSCI4098  Seminar Appraisal and Presentation Part 1
MSCI4099  Seminar Appraisal and Presentation Part 2
MSCI5560  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Literature Review and Research Proposal
MSCI5561  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Project Part 1
MSCI5562  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Project Part 2
MSCI5563  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Project Part 3


NEUR1001  Neuroscience in Society
NEUR3301  Advanced Neuroscience 1
NEUR3302  Advanced Neuroscience 2
NEUR3310  Neuroscience
NEUR4001  Research in Context—Neuroscience Literature Review
NEUR4010  Modern Research Tools in Neuroscience
NEUR5011  Neurodevelopment and its Disorders
NEUR5514  Neuroscience Honours Dissertation Part 1
NEUR5515  Neuroscience Honours Dissertation Part 2
NEUR5516  Neuroscience Honours Dissertation Part 3
NEUR5517  Neuroscience Honours Dissertation Part 4


OGEG5804  Petroleum Geology and Geophysics


PHCY3301  Therapeutic Product Formulation
PHCY3302  Nutrition, Health and Drug Development


PHYL2001  Physiology of Human Body Systems
PHYL2002  Physiology of Cells
PHYL3001  Physiology of Membranes, Muscles and Signalling
PHYL3002  Physiology of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
PHYL3003  Physiology of Nutrition and Metabolism
PHYL3004  Physiology of Integrated Organ Function
PHYL3305  Human Growth, Development and Ageing
PHYL5501  Audiological Instrumentation Part 1
PHYL5502  Basic Clinical Audiology Part 1
PHYL5510  Physiology of the Auditory System
PHYL5511  Audiological Instrumentation Part 2
PHYL5512  Basic Clinical Audiology Part 2
PHYL5513  Speech, Language and Communication
PHYL5514  Evoked Responses in Clinical Diagnosis
PHYL5515  Hearing Devices and Adult Aural Rehabilitation
PHYL5610  Advanced Hearing Aids and Rehabilitation Part 1
PHYL5611  Advanced Clinical Audiology Part 2
PHYL5612  Community and Workplace Audiology
PHYL5613  Audiology Practice Management
PHYL5614  Audiology Research Project Part 2
PHYL5615  Advanced Clinical Audiology Part 1
PHYL5616  Audiology Research Project Part 1
PHYL5617  Advanced Hearing Aids and Rehabilitation Part 2
PHYL7401  Physiology Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
PHYL7403  Physiology Honours Research Project Part 2
PHYL7404  Physiology Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
PHYL7406  Physiology Honours Research Project Part 1


PHYS1001  Physics for Scientists and Engineers
PHYS1002  Modern Physics
PHYS1021  Applied Physics A
PHYS1022  Applied Physics B
PHYS1030  Physics Bridging Unit
PHYS2001  Quantum Mechanics 1 and Electromagnetism
PHYS2002  The Physics of Particles
PHYS3001  Quantum Mechanics 2 and Atomic Physics
PHYS3002  Electrodynamics and Relativity
PHYS3003  Astrophysics and Space Science
PHYS3011  Mathematical Physics
PHYS3012  Frontiers in Modern Physics
PHYS3044  Overseas Research Placement
PHYS3046  Research Placement
PHYS3340  Physics Vacation Project I
PHYS3341  Physics Vacation Project II
PHYS4001  Dissertation in Physics Part 1
PHYS4002  Dissertation in Physics Part 2
PHYS4003  Dissertation in Physics Part 3
PHYS4004  Dissertation in Physics Part 4
PHYS4010  Special Topics in Theoretical Physics
PHYS4020  Special Topics in Experimental Physics
PHYS4415  Special Topics in Physics I
PHYS4416  Special Topics in Physics II
PHYS4417  Special Topics in Physics III
PHYS4418  Special Topics in Astrophysics
PHYS5001  Physics Research Project Development
PHYS5002  Physics Research Presentation
PHYS5010  Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics
PHYS5011  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 1
PHYS5012  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 2
PHYS5013  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 3
PHYS5014  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 4
PHYS5015  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 5
PHYS5016  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 6
PHYS5017  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 7
PHYS5018  Master's Dissertation—Theoretical Physics Part 8
PHYS5020  Advanced Topics in Experimental Physics
PHYS5021  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 1
PHYS5022  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 2
PHYS5023  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 3
PHYS5024  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 4
PHYS5025  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 5
PHYS5026  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 6
PHYS5027  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 7
PHYS5028  Master's Dissertation—Experimental Physics Part 8
PHYS5031  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 1
PHYS5032  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 2
PHYS5033  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 3
PHYS5034  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 4
PHYS5035  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 5
PHYS5036  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 6
PHYS5037  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 7
PHYS5038  Master's Dissertation—Computational Physics Part 8
PHYS5401  Medical Imaging Physics
PHYS5402  Radiation Biology and Protection
PHYS5403  Radiotherapy Physics
PHYS5404  Radiation Physics
PHYS5405  Radiation Safety
PHYS5411  Medical Physics Thesis Part 1
PHYS5412  Medical Physics Thesis Part 2
PHYS5413  Medical Physics Thesis Part 3
PHYS5414  Medical Physics Thesis Part 4
PHYS5422  Medical Physics Thesis Part 2
PHYS5423  Medical Physics Thesis Part 3
PHYS5424  Medical Physics Thesis Part 4
PHYS5431  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 1
PHYS5432  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 2
PHYS5433  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 3
PHYS5434  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 4
PHYS5435  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 5
PHYS5436  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 6
PHYS5437  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 7
PHYS5438  Master's Dissertation—Medical Physics Part 8
PHYS5510  Advanced Topics in Physics I
PHYS5511  Advanced Topics in Physics II
PHYS5512  Advanced Topics in Physics III
PHYS5513  Advanced Topics in Astrophysics
PHYS5558  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 1
PHYS5559  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 2
PHYS5560  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 3
PHYS5561  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 4
PHYS5562  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 5
PHYS5563  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 6
PHYS5564  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 7
PHYS5565  Master's Dissertation—Astronomy and Astrophysics Part 8
PHYS7400  Dissertation (Physics Honours) Part 1
PHYS7401  Dissertation (Physics Honours) Part 2
PHYS7441  Special Topics in Physics IV


PLNG4401  Planning Theory and Practice
PLNG4402  Planning Law
PLNG4403  Planning and Governance
PLNG4404  Statutory Planning
PLNG4410  Geography and Planning Practicum
PLNG4411  Urban and Regional Analysis
PLNG5403  Planning and Governance
PLNG5405  Special unit: Principles of Urban and Regional Economics
PLNG5410  Geography and Planning Practicum
PLNG5411  Urban and Regional Analysis
PLNG5510  Advanced Studies in Geography and Planning
PLNG5511  Climate Change Policy and Planning
PLNG5512  Regional Planning
PLNG5521  Urban and Regional Planning Project Part 1
PLNG5522  Urban and Regional Planning Project Part 2


PLNT2201  Plants in Action
PLNT2204  Plant Diversity and Evolution
PLNT3301  Plant Physiological Ecology
PLNT3306  Australian Vegetation
PLNT4503  Botany Research Dissertation Part 3
PLNT4504  Botany Research Dissertation Part 4
PLNT4511  Plant Biology Research Project Development
PLNT4512  Plant Biology Research Presentation
PLNT5511  Plant Biology Masters Research Project Development
PLNT5512  Plant Biology Masters Research Presentation
PLNT5541  Plant Biology Honours Research Dissertation Part 1
PLNT5542  Plant Biology Honours Research Dissertation Part 2
PLNT5543  Plant Biology Honours Research Dissertation Part 3
PLNT5544  Plant Biology Honours Research Dissertation Part 4
PLNT5551  Plant Biology Masters Research Dissertation Part 1
PLNT5552  Plant Biology Masters Research Dissertation Part 2
PLNT5553  Plant Biology Masters Research Dissertation Part 3
PLNT5554  Plant Biology Masters Research Dissertation Part 4


PODI4104  Lower Extremity Functional Anatomy and Physiology
PODI4107  Normal Systems 2


PSYC1101  Psychology: Mind and Brain
PSYC1102  Psychology: Behaviour in Context
PSYC2203  Psychological Research Methods
PSYC2208  Psychology: Atypical Development
PSYC2209  Industrial and Organisational Psychology
PSYC2212  Psychology and Social Behaviour
PSYC2213  Psychology: Lifespan Development
PSYC2214  Adult Psychopathology
PSYC2215  Cognitive Psychology
PSYC2217  Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC2218  Perception and Sensory Neuropsychology
PSYC3301  Psychological Research Methods: Design and Analysis
PSYC3302  Psychological Measurement and its Application
PSYC3303  Psychological Science in the Modern World: Challenges and Controversies
PSYC3308  Psychology: Atypical Development
PSYC3309  Industrial and Organisational Psychology
PSYC3310  Psychology: Specialist Research Topics
PSYC3311  Psychology: Specialist Research Topics
PSYC3312  Psychology and Social Behaviour
PSYC3313  Psychology: Lifespan Development
PSYC3314  Adult Psychopathology
PSYC3315  Cognitive Psychology
PSYC3317  Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC3318  Perception and Sensory Neuropsychology
PSYC4410  Psychological Research Communication Skills
PSYC4413  Psychological Research and Practice
PSYC4416  Psychological Research and Theory
PSYC4418  Psychological Research and Data
PSYC4421  Psychology Honours Research Project Part 1
PSYC4422  Psychology Honours Research Project Part 2
PSYC4440  Organisational Research Project Part 1
PSYC4441  Organisational Research Project Part 2
PSYC5512  Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling
PSYC5513  Research Methods in Applied Settings
PSYC5514  Assessment and Selection
PSYC5515  Organisational Development and Work Design
PSYC5516  Professional Issues in Industrial and Organisational Psychology
PSYC5517  MIOP Practical Placement 3
PSYC5520  Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
PSYC5521  Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
PSYC5522  Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) Training
PSYC5523  ASD Practicum Placement
PSYC5530  Applied Research Methods
PSYC5531  Assessment and Intervention—Adult Complex Disorders
PSYC5532  Clinical Psychology and Health 1
PSYC5533  Clinical Psychology and Health
PSYC5534  Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology
PSYC5535  Advanced Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology
PSYC5536  Neuropsychology 1
PSYC5537  Neuropsychology 2
PSYC5538  Neuropsychology Placement I
PSYC5539  Human Neuroanatomy and Neuropsychology
PSYC5540  External Practicum
PSYC5542  Human Factors
PSYC5544  MBP Practical Placement 1
PSYC5545  MBP Practical Placement 2 Part 1
PSYC5546  MBP Practical Placement 2 Part 2
PSYC5547  MIOP Practical Placement 1 Part 1
PSYC5548  MIOP Practical Placement 1 Part 2
PSYC5565  External Practicum
PSYC5573  Psychology of Training
PSYC5583  MPsych Research Dissertation Part 1
PSYC5584  MPsych Research Dissertation Part 2
PSYC5585  MPsych Research Dissertation Part 3
PSYC5586  MPsych Research Dissertation Part 4
PSYC5592  Neuropsychological Assessment
PSYC5593  Special unit: Healthy Ageing Research Project
PSYC5595  Plasticity and Rehabilitation
PSYC5610  Psychology Dissertation Part 1
PSYC5613  Psychology Dissertation Part 2
PSYC5661  Specialist Topics
PSYC5662  Internal Practicum Part 2
PSYC5663  External Practicum
PSYC5664  External Practicum
PSYC5665  Topics in Neuropsychology
PSYC5672  Foundations in Clinical Skills I
PSYC5673  Foundations in Clinical Skills II
PSYC5674  Assessment and Intervention—Childhood Disorders
PSYC5675  Assessment and Intervention—Emotional Disorders
PSYC5678  Practicum I
PSYC5679  Practicum II
PSYC5681  Thesis Proposal
PSYC5830  Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing
PSYC5831  Practical Placement I
PSYC5832  MIOP Practical Placement 2
PSYC5903  Placement I
PSYC5904  Placement II
PSYC6601  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 1
PSYC6602  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 2
PSYC6603  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 3
PSYC6604  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 4
PSYC6605  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 5
PSYC6606  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis Part 6
PSYC7413  Psychological Research and Practice
PSYC7416  Psychological Research and Theory
PSYC7418  Psychological Research and Data
PSYC7421  Psychology Honours Research Project Part 1
PSYC7422  Psychology Honours Research Project Part 2
PSYC9902  Research Thesis 2 (Clinical Neuropsychology) Part 2
PSYC9905  Advanced Topics in Clinical Psychology 1
PSYC9906  Advanced Topics in Clinical Psychology 2
PSYC9907  Clinical Internship Part 1
PSYC9908  Clinical Internship Part 2
PSYC9909  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis 1 Part 2
PSYC9910  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis 2 Part 2
PSYC9912  Research Thesis 2 (Clinical Neuropsychology) Part 1
PSYC9919  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis 1 Part 1
PSYC9922  Clinical Psychology Research Thesis 2 Part 1


SCIE1104  Science, Society and Data Analysis
SCIE1106  Molecular Biology of the Cell
SCIE1121  Our Universe
SCIE1122  Our Solar System
SCIE2204  Marine Systems
SCIE2205  Science Work Placement
SCIE2206  Special unit: Schools Science Engagement
SCIE2225  Molecular Biology
SCIE2267  Quantitative Methods in Environmental Management
SCIE3304  Field Techniques in Marine Science
SCIE3314  Crops and Cropping Systems
SCIE3326  Molecular Biology Part 1
SCIE3327  Molecular Biology Part 2
SCIE3366  Project and Risk Management
SCIE3367  Decision Tools for Natural Resource Management
SCIE3389  Special unit: Research in Threatened Species; Arachnids
SCIE3390  Special unit: Research Mitochondrial Protein Transporters
SCIE3397  Special unit: Physiological response of coral and coralline algae
SCIE3398  Special unit: Research in protein expression
SCIE4001  The Objectives and Applications of Genomics
SCIE4002  Bioinformatics and Data Analysis for Genomics
SCIE4401  Data Use in the Natural Sciences
SCIE4402  Data Management and Analysis in the Natural Sciences
SCIE4403  The Conduct, Ethics and Communication of Science
SCIE4404  Techniques in Molecular Sciences
SCIE4481  Good, Bogus and Corrupted Science
SCIE4501  Science Research Dissertation Part 1
SCIE4502  Science Research Dissertation Part 2
SCIE4503  Science Research Dissertation Part 3
SCIE4504  Science Research Dissertation Part 4
SCIE5001  Farming Systems Analysis
SCIE5500  Modelling Natural Systems
SCIE5501  Science Technology Dissertation
SCIE5502  Science Technology Dissertation Part 1
SCIE5503  Science Technology Dissertation Part 2
SCIE5505  Global Change and the Marine Environment
SCIE5507  Food Fibre and Fuel Security
SCIE5510  Biomedical Science Research in Context—Literature Review
SCIE5511  Science Research Project Part 1
SCIE5512  Science Research Project Part 2
SCIE5513  Science Research Project Part 3
SCIE5515  Global Challenges in Biomedical Science
SCIE5516  Materials Characterisation for Bioengineering Applications
SCIE5550  Research Design
SCIE5551  Master's Dissertation 1
SCIE5552  Master's Dissertation 2
SCIE5553  Master's Dissertation 3
SCIE5590  Literature Review and Research Proposal
SCIE5610  Food Science Research Project Part 1
SCIE5611  Food Science Research Project Part 2
SCIE5612  Food Science Research Project Part 3
SCIE5613  Food Science Research Project Part 4
SCIE5721  Master of Science Thesis (full-time)
SCIE5722  Master of Science Thesis (part-time)
SCIE5850  Introduction to Food Safety
SCIE5851  Quality Control and Assurance
SCIE8741  FNAS Master of Science Dissertation Part 1
SCIE8742  FNAS Master of Science Dissertation Part 2
SCIE8743  FNAS Master of Science Dissertation Part 3
SCIE8744  FNAS Master of Science Dissertation Part 4


SCOM1101  Communicating Science
SCOM2205  Science Presentations
SCOM2208  Science Writing
SCOM3318  Science Communication Practicum
SCOM3319  Exhibitions and Interpretation
SCOM3320  Communication Strategies for Change
SCOM3321  Science and the Media
SCOM3322  Science Performance
SCOM4402  Science Communication Literature Review
SCOM4403  Science Presentations
SCOM4705  Science Communication Research Proposal
SCOM5302  Contemporary Issues in Science Communication
SCOM5303  Communication Strategies for Change
SCOM5304  Science Communication Practicum
SCOM5306  Informal Science Education Practicum
SCOM5307  Evaluating Science Engagement
SCOM5308  Peer Review
SCOM5702  Exhibitions and Interpretation
SCOM5703  Science and the Media
SCOM5704  Learning Technologies
SCOM5810  Science Communication Dissertation Part 1
SCOM5811  Science Communication Dissertation Part 2
SCOM5812  Science Communication Dissertation Part 3
SCOM5813  Science Communication Dissertation Part 4
SCOM5814  Science Communication Dissertation Part 5
SCOM5815  Science Communication Dissertation Part 6


SHPC4001  Principles of Scientific Computation
SHPC4002  High Performance Computing
SHPC5001  Advanced Scientific Computation
SHPC5002  High Performance Scientific Computing


SOCS5502  Conservation, Development and Sustainability


SSEH1101  The Musculoskeletal System and Movement
SSEH1102  Applied Anatomy and Athletic Performance
SSEH1103  Physical Fitness and Health
SSEH1104  Active Leadership 1: Developing Leadership Skills
SSEH2240  Motor Learning and Control
SSEH2250  Biomechanics in Sport and Exercise
SSEH2260  Exercise Physiology
SSEH2270  Psychosocial Aspects of Sport, Exercise and Health
SSEH2290  Promoting Lifelong Physical Activity
SSEH2296  Skilled Movement Instruction
SSEH3301  Exercise Prescription and Nutrition for Health and Fitness
SSEH3339  Community and Worksite Health Promotion
SSEH3345  Lifespan Motor Development
SSEH3355  Biomechanical Principles
SSEH3365  Sport Physiology
SSEH3366  Bioenergetics in Exercise, Nutrition and Energy Balance
SSEH3375  Psychology of Sport
SSEH3376  Coaching Psychology
SSEH3385  Motor Development and Dysfunction
SSEH3389  Exercise Rehabilitation
SSEH3392  Professional Practice
SSEH3393  Professional Practice Part 1
SSEH3394  Professional Practice Part 2
SSEH4401  Exercise Prescription for Healthy Populations
SSEH4402  Nutrition, Health and Body Composition
SSEH4602  Research Methods
SSEH4603  Data Analysis
SSEH4633  Advanced Biomechanical Methods
SSEH4644  Advanced Exercise Physiology
SSEH4654  Advanced Concepts in Motor Control and Learning
SSEH4664  Exercise and Health Psychology
SSEH4711  Honours Dissertation Part 1
SSEH4712  Honours Dissertation Part 2
SSEH4713  Honours Dissertation Part 3
SSEH4714  Honours Dissertation Part 4
SSEH5003  Health Science Industry Practicum I
SSEH5004  Health Science Industry Practicum II
SSEH5020  Literature Review and Research Proposal
SSEH5021  Sport Science Exercise and Health Research Project Part 1
SSEH5022  Sport Science Exercise and Health Research Project Part 2
SSEH5023  Sport Science Exercise and Health Research Project Part 3
SSEH5464  Physical Education Curriculum I
SSEH5474  Physical Education Curriculum II
SSEH5475  Advanced Psychology of Sport
SSEH5491  Health Education
SSEH5492  Health Promotion in the Schools
SSEH5643  Cardiac Rehabilitation
SSEH5645  Workplace Injury Prevention and Management
SSEH5646  Exercise Rehabilitation for Chronic and Complex Conditions
SSEH5651  Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
SSEH5654  Fundamentals in Research Methods
SSEH5655  Fundamentals of Data Analysis in Sport Science, Exercise and Health
SSEH5667  Paediatric Exercise Rehabilitation
SSEH5677  Sport and Recreation Marketing
SSEH5678  Sport and Recreation Management
SSEH5685  Work Site Health Promotion
SSEH5687  Physical Ergonomics
SSEH5688  Introduction to Work Health and Safety
SSEH5689  Physical Development, Movement and Health
SSEH5691  Industry Practicum I
SSEH5692  Industry Practicum II
SSEH5694  Research Colloquium
SSEH7602  Research Methods
SSEH7603  Data Analysis
SSEH7701  Interdisciplinary Studies
SSEH9600  MEd Thesis (Sport Science, Exercise and Health) Part 2
SSEH9601  MEd Thesis (Sport Science, Exercise and Health) Part 1
SSEH9714  Sport Science, Exercise and Health Thesis Part 1
SSEH9715  Sport Science, Exercise and Health Thesis Part 2
SSEH9716  Sport Science, Exercise and Health Thesis Part 3


VISA2214  Aesthetic Crossovers of Art and Science
VISA2249  Art and Life Manipulation

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