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Units: Sport Science, Exercise and Health (Science)

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SSEH1101  The Musculoskeletal System and Movement
SSEH1102  Applied Anatomy and Athletic Performance
SSEH1103  Physical Fitness and Health
SSEH1104  Active Leadership 1: Developing Leadership Skills
SSEH2240  Motor Learning and Control
SSEH2250  Biomechanics in Sport and Exercise
SSEH2260  Exercise Physiology
SSEH2270  Psychosocial Aspects of Sport, Exercise and Health
SSEH2290  Promoting Lifelong Physical Activity
SSEH2296  Skilled Movement Instruction
SSEH3301  Exercise Prescription and Nutrition for Health and Fitness
SSEH3339  Community and Worksite Health Promotion
SSEH3345  Lifespan Motor Development
SSEH3355  Biomechanical Principles
SSEH3365  Sport Physiology
SSEH3366  Bioenergetics in Exercise, Nutrition and Energy Balance
SSEH3375  Psychology of Sport
SSEH3376  Coaching Psychology
SSEH3385  Motor Development and Dysfunction
SSEH3389  Exercise Rehabilitation
SSEH3392  Professional Practice
SSEH3393  Professional Practice Part 1
SSEH4401  Exercise Prescription for Healthy Populations
SSEH4402  Nutrition, Health and Body Composition
SSEH4602  Research Methods
SSEH4603  Data Analysis
SSEH4633  Advanced Biomechanical Methods
SSEH4644  Advanced Exercise Physiology
SSEH4654  Advanced Concepts in Motor Control and Learning
SSEH4664  Exercise and Health Psychology
SSEH4711  Honours Dissertation Part 1
SSEH4712  Honours Dissertation Part 2
SSEH4713  Honours Dissertation Part 3
SSEH4714  Honours Dissertation Part 4
SSEH5003  Health Science Industry Practicum I
SSEH5004  Health Science Industry Practicum II
SSEH5020  Literature Review and Research Proposal
SSEH5464  Physical Education Curriculum I
SSEH5474  Physical Education Curriculum II
SSEH5475  Advanced Psychology of Sport
SSEH5491  Health Education
SSEH5492  Health Promotion in the Schools
SSEH5643  Cardiac Rehabilitation
SSEH5645  Workplace Injury Prevention and Management
SSEH5646  Exercise Rehabilitation for Chronic and Complex Conditions
SSEH5651  Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
SSEH5654  Fundamentals in Research Methods
SSEH5655  Fundamentals of Data Analysis in Sport Science, Exercise and Health
SSEH5667  Paediatric Exercise Rehabilitation
SSEH5677  Sport and Recreation Marketing
SSEH5678  Sport and Recreation Management
SSEH5685  Work Site Health Promotion
SSEH5687  Physical Ergonomics
SSEH5688  Introduction to Work Health and Safety
SSEH5689  Physical Development, Movement and Health
SSEH5691  Industry Practicum I
SSEH5692  Industry Practicum II
SSEH5694  Research Colloquium
SSEH7602  Research Methods
SSEH7603  Data Analysis
SSEH7701  Interdisciplinary Studies
SSEH9600  MEd Thesis (Sport Science, Exercise and Health) Part 2
SSEH9601  MEd Thesis (Sport Science, Exercise and Health) Part 1
SSEH9714  Sport Science, Exercise and Health Thesis Part 1
SSEH9715  Sport Science, Exercise and Health Thesis Part 2
SSEH9716  Sport Science, Exercise and Health Thesis Part 3

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