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Units: Chemistry (Science)

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CHEM1001  Chemistry—Properties and Energetics
CHEM1002  Chemistry—Structure and Reactivity
CHEM1003  Introductory Chemistry
CHEM1004  Biological Chemistry
CHEM2001  Core Chemical Concepts and Techniques
CHEM2002  Physical and Analytical Chemistry
CHEM2003  Chemical Synthesis
CHEM2210  Structure Determination and Physical Chemistry
CHEM2211  Synthetic and Materials Chemistry
CHEM2221  Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM3001  Essential Chemical Skills
CHEM3002  Chemical Explorations
CHEM3003  Advanced Chemical Synthesis
CHEM3004  Synthetic Applications
CHEM3005  Chemical Spectroscopy and Structure
CHEM3006  Chemistry Beyond the Laboratory
CHEM3007  The Chemistry of Reactions
CHEM3008  The Molecules of Life
CHEM3305  Biological Chemistry
CHEM3307  Metals in Biological Chemistry
CHEM3312  Chemistry of Drug Design and Discovery
CHEM3319  Analytical Chemistry and Occupational Health and Safety
CHEM4001  Advanced Studies in Chemistry
CHEM4309  Occupational Hygiene and Chemical Safety
CHEM7400  Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
CHEM7401  Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
CHEM7402  Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 2
CHEM7403  Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 1
CHEM8801  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 1
CHEM8803  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 2
CHEM8804  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 3
CHEM8805  Analytical Chemistry for Molecular Analysis Part 4


PHCY3301  Therapeutic Product Formulation

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