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Units: Forensic Science (Science)

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CHEM5850  Chemistry for Food Science
CHEM5851  Chemical and Physical Food Hazards


FNSC2200  Mysteries of Forensic Science
FNSC4497  Bio-Archaeology Fieldschool
FNSC5501  Evidence in Investigations 1
FNSC5502  Evidence in Investigations 2
FNSC5504  Open Source Intelligence
FNSC5505  Forensic Intelligence and Crime Analysis
FNSC5506  Crime in the Digital Environment
FNSC5507  Contemporary Issues in Investigation Management
FNSC5508  Introduction to Forensic Science
FNSC5515  Molecular Osteology
FNSC5517  Forensic Analysis of Crime in the Digital Environment
FNSC5518  Forensic Science and Policing
FNSC5519  Forensic DNA and the Law
FNSC5530  Food Science: Emerging Issues
FNSC5540  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5541  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 2
FNSC5542  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 3
FNSC5543  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 4
FNSC5544  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5545  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 2
FNSC5546  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 3
FNSC5547  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 4
FNSC5548  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5549  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 2
FNSC5550  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 3
FNSC5551  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 4
FNSC5611  Ethics and Research Methods in Forensic Science
FNSC5612  Forensic Anthropology I—Introductory Theory and Method
FNSC5613  Introduction to Forensic Chemistry
FNSC5614  Forensic Archaeology—Theory and Method
FNSC5615  Medicolegal Death Investigation
FNSC5619  Forensic DNA Analysis
FNSC5621  Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 1
FNSC5622  Scientific Expert Testimony
FNSC5624  Advanced Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 1
FNSC5626  Forensic Anthropology II—Advanced Theory and Method
FNSC5627  Forensic Anthropology Professional Project Part 1
FNSC5631  Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 2
FNSC5634  Advanced Expert Testimony (Odontology) Part 2
FNSC7411  Forensic Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
FNSC7412  Forensic Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
FNSC7413  Forensic Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 1
FNSC7414  Forensic Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 2
FNSC8563  Botanical Evidence
FNSC8604  Case Study Part 1
FNSC8605  Case Study Part 2
FNSC9644  Forensic Science Thesis (Anthropology) (full-time)


SCIE5610  Food Science Research Project Part 1
SCIE5611  Food Science Research Project Part 2
SCIE5612  Food Science Research Project Part 3
SCIE5613  Food Science Research Project Part 4
SCIE5850  Introduction to Food Safety
SCIE5851  Quality Control and Assurance

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