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Units: Plant Biology (Science)

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AGRI4401  Advanced Crop Production Science
AGRI4405  Breeding and Plant Biotechnology
AGRI4511  Agriculture Honours Research Project Development
AGRI4512  Agriculture Honours Research Presentation
AGRI5501  Advanced Breeding and Biotechnology in Action
AGRI5502  Case Studies in Breeding and Biotechnology
AGRI5510  Agricultural Sciences Masters Research Presentation
AGRI5511  Plant Production Project Part 1
AGRI5512  Plant Production Project Part 2
AGRI5519  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 1
AGRI5520  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 2
AGRI5521  Plant Production Project Part 1
AGRI5522  Plant Production Project Part 2
AGRI5523  Plant Production Project Part 3
AGRI5524  Plant Production Project Part 4
AGRI5537  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 1
AGRI5538  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 2
AGRI5539  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 3
AGRI5540  Genetics and Breeding Project Part 4
AGRI5541  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 1
AGRI5543  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 3
AGRI5544  Agriculture Honours Research Dissertation Part 4


BIOL2261  Conservation Biology
BIOL3360  Saving Endangered Species
BIOL4407  Marine Conservation and Fisheries Management
BIOL5501  Origins, Evolution and Conservation of Biodiversity
BIOL5513  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5514  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5515  Marine Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5516  Marine Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5524  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5525  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5526  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 3
BIOL5527  Plant Conservation Biology Project Part 4
BIOL5528  Marine Biology Project Part 1
BIOL5529  Marine Biology Project Part 2
BIOL5530  Marine Biology Project Part 3
BIOL5531  Marine Biology Project Part 4


ENVT2221  Global Climate Change and Biodiversity
ENVT2250  Ecology
ENVT3363  Ecological Processes
ENVT5512  Ecosystem Biogeochemistry
ENVT5513  Decision Strategies for Biodiversity Conservation


MSCI5560  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Literature Review and Research Proposal


PLNT2201  Plants in Action
PLNT2204  Plant Diversity and Evolution
PLNT3301  Plant Physiological Ecology
PLNT3306  Australian Vegetation
PLNT4511  Plant Biology Research Project Development
PLNT4512  Plant Biology Research Presentation
PLNT5512  Plant Biology Masters Research Presentation


SCIE2204  Marine Systems
SCIE3304  Field Techniques in Marine Science
SCIE3314  Crops and Cropping Systems
SCIE4403  The Conduct, Ethics and Communication of Science
SCIE5500  Modelling Natural Systems
SCIE5590  Literature Review and Research Proposal

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