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Units: Animal Biology (Science)

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AGRI4403  Animal Reproduction
AGRI4404  Breeding and Animal Biotechnology
AGRI4406  Integrated Pest Management
AGRI5503  Animal Production Systems
AGRI5506  Integrated Pest Management
AGRI5508  Sustainable Grazing Systems
AGRI5513  Animal Production Project Part 1
AGRI5514  Animal Production Project Part 2
AGRI5525  Animal Production Project Part 1
AGRI5526  Animal Production Project Part 2
AGRI5527  Animal Production Project Part 3
AGRI5528  Animal Production Project Part 4


ANIM1001  The Darwinian Revolution
ANIM2207  Animal Function and Structure
ANIM2208  Animal Ethics and Welfare
ANIM2209  Field Studies in Zoology
ANIM3306  Clean, Green and Ethical Animal Production
ANIM3320  Comparative Neurobiology
ANIM3353  Wildlife Conservation and Management
ANIM3361  Animal Populations
ANIM3362  Evolutionary Processes
ANIM3363  Environmental Physiology
ANIM3365  Behavioural Ecology
ANIM4003  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 3
ANIM4004  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 4
ANIM4005  Zoology Research Presentation Skills
ANIM4006  Zoology Research Development
ANIM4007  Marine Megafauna
ANIM5001  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 1
ANIM5002  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 2
ANIM5003  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 3
ANIM5004  Zoology Research Dissertation Part 4
ANIM5501  Evolution and Development
ANIM5502  Evolutionary Biology
ANIM5511  Zoology Masters Research Project Development
ANIM5512  Zoology Masters Research Presentation
ANIM5551  Zoology Masters Research Dissertation Part 1
ANIM5552  Zoology Masters Research Dissertation Part 2
ANIM5553  Zoology Masters Research Dissertation Part 3
ANIM5554  Zoology Masters Research Dissertation Part 4


BIOL1130  Frontiers in Biology
BIOL1131  Plant and Animal Biology
BIOL2204  Marine Biology
BIOL4404  Experimental Zoology
BIOL4405  Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL4406  Vertebrate Zoology
BIOL4408  Marine Ecology
BIOL5502  Managing Threatened Species
BIOL5503  Sampling Techniques in Wildlife Research
BIOL5505  Marine Neuroecology and Behaviour
BIOL5511  Zoology Project Part 1
BIOL5512  Zoology Project Part 2
BIOL5520  Zoology Project Part 1
BIOL5521  Zoology Project Part 2
BIOL5522  Zoology Project Part 3
BIOL5523  Zoology Project Part 4
BIOL5542  Conservation Genetics
BIOL5552  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Dissertation Part 1
BIOL5553  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Dissertation Part 2
BIOL5554  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Dissertation Part 3
BIOL5555  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Dissertation Part 4
BIOL5556  Masters in Biological Sciences Research Presentation Skills


NEUR1001  Neuroscience in Society

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