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Units: Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology (Science)

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ANHB1101  Human Biology I: Becoming Human
ANHB1102  Human Biology II: Being Human
ANHB2212  Human Structure and Development
ANHB2213  Human Functional Anatomy
ANHB2214  Human Organs and Systems
ANHB2215  Biological Anthropology: Human Adaptation and Variation
ANHB2216  Human Reproductive Biology
ANHB2217  Human Neurobiology
ANHB3310  Human Biology: Applications and Investigations I
ANHB3315  Human Evolutionary Ecology
ANHB3316  Human Reproduction
ANHB3320  Human Biology: Applications and Investigations II
ANHB3321  Biological Anthropology: Genes and Society
ANHB3322  Human/Primate Social Organisation
ANHB3323  Cells, Tissues and Development
ANHB3324  Human Structure and Function
ANHB3328  Communication Systems in the Human Body
ANHB4103  Normal Systems 1
ANHB5404  Project Analysis
ANHB5405  Project Design
ANHB5431  Fundamentals of Sleep Technology
ANHB5432  Fundamentals of Sleep Biology
ANHB5433  Sleep Technology in Practice
ANHB5434  Sleep Biology in Practice
ANHB5437  Current Concepts in Human Biology Part 1
ANHB5438  Human Biology Project
ANHB5443  Anatomical Sciences Dissertation Part 2
ANHB5444  Principles and Practice of Human Biology Part 1
ANHB5445  Principles and Practice of Human Biology Part 2
ANHB5446  Human Biology Dissertation Part 1
ANHB5447  Human Biology Dissertation Part 2
ANHB5448  Current Concepts in Human Biology Part 2
ANHB5451  Human Biology for Medical Physicists
ANHB5452  Adult Sleep Science
ANHB5453  Advanced Sleep Technology and Laboratory Management
ANHB5454  Advanced Sleep Scoring
ANHB5455  Applied Anatomy for Ergonomics
ANHB5456  Clinical Research and Biostatistics
ANHB5457  Advanced Competencies in Sleep Science
ANHB5512  Project Unit Research
ANHB5530  Advanced Sleep Disorders and Anatomy of Sleep
ANHB5532  Fundamentals of Dental Sleep Medicine
ANHB5533  Oral Appliance Therapy in Sleep Disordered Breathing
ANHB5534  Dental Sleep Medicine in Practice
ANHB5535  Advanced Competency in Dental Sleep Medicine
ANHB5999  Special unit: Human Neurobiology
ANHB9505  Anatomy and Human Biology Thesis


APHB4001  Scientific Communication Part 1
APHB4002  Research Design and Analysis Part 1
APHB4003  Research Design and Analysis Part 2
APHB4008  Scientific Communication Part 2
APHB5500  Advanced Research Techniques
APHB5501  Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
APHB5502  Human Ecology
APHB5503  Neuroendocrinology
APHB5504  Advanced Techniques in Physiology
APHB5505  Advanced Studies in Physiology
APHB5510  Advanced Aesthetic Crossovers of Art and Science
APHB5511  Advanced Art and Life Manipulation
APHB5512  SymbioticA Project Preparation
APHB5513  SymbioticA Project Research
APHB5514  Honours Dissertation Part 1
APHB5515  Honours Dissertation Part 2
APHB5518  Biological Art Integration Studies II
APHB5519  Biological Art Integration Studies I
APHB5520  Literature Review and Research Proposal
APHB5524  Major Project and Dissertation Part 1
APHB5525  Major Project and Dissertation Part 2
APHB5526  Major Project and Dissertation Part 3
APHB5527  Major Project and Dissertation Part 4
APHB5597  Special unit: Biological Anthropology: Human Adaptation and Variation


NEUR3301  Advanced Neuroscience 1
NEUR3302  Advanced Neuroscience 2
NEUR4001  Research in Context—Neuroscience Literature Review
NEUR4010  Modern Research Tools in Neuroscience
NEUR5011  Neurodevelopment and its Disorders
NEUR5514  Neuroscience Honours Dissertation Part 1
NEUR5515  Neuroscience Honours Dissertation Part 2
NEUR5516  Neuroscience Honours Dissertation Part 3
NEUR5517  Neuroscience Honours Dissertation Part 4


PHYL2001  Physiology of Human Body Systems
PHYL2002  Physiology of Cells
PHYL3001  Physiology of Membranes, Muscles and Signalling
PHYL3002  Physiology of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
PHYL3003  Physiology of Nutrition and Metabolism
PHYL3004  Physiology of Integrated Organ Function
PHYL3305  Human Growth, Development and Ageing
PHYL5501  Audiological Instrumentation Part 1
PHYL5502  Basic Clinical Audiology Part 1
PHYL5510  Physiology of the Auditory System
PHYL5511  Audiological Instrumentation Part 2
PHYL5512  Basic Clinical Audiology Part 2
PHYL5513  Speech, Language and Communication
PHYL5514  Evoked Responses in Clinical Diagnosis
PHYL5515  Hearing Devices and Adult Aural Rehabilitation
PHYL5610  Advanced Hearing Aids and Rehabilitation Part 1
PHYL5611  Advanced Clinical Audiology Part 2
PHYL5612  Community and Workplace Audiology
PHYL5613  Audiology Practice Management
PHYL5614  Audiology Research Project Part 2
PHYL5615  Advanced Clinical Audiology Part 1
PHYL5616  Audiology Research Project Part 1
PHYL5617  Advanced Hearing Aids and Rehabilitation Part 2
PHYL7401  Physiology Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
PHYL7403  Physiology Honours Research Project Part 2
PHYL7404  Physiology Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
PHYL7406  Physiology Honours Research Project Part 1


PODI4104  Lower Extremity Functional Anatomy and Physiology
PODI4107  Normal Systems 2


SCIE1106  Molecular Biology of the Cell


VISA2214  Aesthetic Crossovers of Art and Science
VISA2249  Art and Life Manipulation

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