UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

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AHEA1101  Aboriginal Health
AHEA1102  Communication and Research Methods
AHEA1103  Introduction to Human Biological Sciences I
AHEA1104  Introduction to Human Biological Sciences II
AHEA2201  Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing
AHEA2202  Aboriginal Health Context and Application
AHEA2203  Advanced Human Biological Sciences I
AHEA2204  Advanced Human Biological Sciences II
AHEA2205  Human Sciences Research Project
AHEA3200  Aboriginal Health Community Organisation Placement
AHEA3300  Aboriginal Health Research Project
AHEA3301  Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing
AHEA4440  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 1
AHEA4441  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 2
AHEA4442  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 3
AHEA4443  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 4
AHEA5755  Aboriginal Health
AHEA5801  Aboriginal Health Research and Ethics
AHEA5880  Aboriginal Health Thesis (Research) (full-time)
AHEA5881  Aboriginal Health Thesis (Research) (part-time)
AHEA6601  Personal and Professional Development (Aboriginal Health) Part 1
AHEA6602  Personal and Professional Development (Aboriginal Health) Part 2


DENT4103  Introduction to Clinical Dentistry
DENT4104  Introduction to Research and Preventive Dentistry
DENT4105  Introduction to Cariology
DENT4106  Introduction to Operative Dentistry
DENT4108  Introduction to Removable Prosthodontics
DENT4201  Endodontics and Fixed Prosthodontics
DENT4202  Immunology, Pathology and Periodontics
DENT4203  Child and Adolescent Oral Health 1
DENT4204  General Medicine and Surgery, Pain Control and Exodontics
DENT4205  Conservative Dentistry and Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth
DENT4206  Advanced Prosthodontics
DENT4207  Child and Adolescent Oral Health 2
DENT4208  Exodontics and General Medicine
DENT5301  Oral Medicine I
DENT5302  Research Design, Statistics and Dental Public Health
DENT5303  Complex Oral Rehabilitation 1
DENT5304  Child and Adolescent Comprehensive Oral Care 1 and Orthodontics
DENT5305  Special Needs Dentistry and Orofacial Pain
DENT5306  Introduction to Dental Practice, Maxillofacial Infections and Trauma
DENT5307  Complex Oral Rehabilitation 2
DENT5308  Child and Adolescent Comprehensive Oral Care 2 and Research
DENT5401  Research and Professional Development 1
DENT5402  Integrated Dental Practice 1
DENT5403  Integrated Dental Practice 2
DENT5404  Australian Indigenous, Rural and Remote Oral Health 1
DENT5405  Research and Professional Development 2
DENT5406  Integrated Dental Practice 3
DENT5407  Integrated Dental Practice 4
DENT5408  Australian Indigenous, Rural and Remote Oral Health 2
DENT5603  Dental Research Methodology
DENT5608  Clinical Dentistry
DENT5609  Dental Research
DENT5610  Scientific Foundations of Dentistry
DENT5611  Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Theory) I
DENT5612  Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Practical) I
DENT5613  Diagnosis and Radiology in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery I
DENT5614  Current Concepts in Oral Health Diseases
DENT5615  Clinical Oral Pathology I
DENT5617  Professional Development in Continuing Dental Education
DENT5621  Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Theory) II
DENT5622  Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Practical) II
DENT5623  Diagnosis and Radiology in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery II
DENT5625  Clinical Oral Pathology II
DENT5631  Primary Dental Care
DENT5632  Endodontics
DENT5633  Removable Prosthodontics
DENT5634  Oral Diagnosis and Oral Radiography
DENT5635  Dento-Alveolar Surgery
DENT5636  Periodontics
DENT5637  Paedodontics and Orthodontics
DENT5638  Fixed Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry
DENT5649  Basic Dental Science
DENT5650  Forensic Medicine and Pathology
DENT5651  Applied Dental Science
DENT5652  The Law and Law Enforcement
DENT5653  Forensic Medicine
DENT5654  Forensic Pathology
DENT5656  Special Research Project Part 1
DENT5657  The Law
DENT5658  Law Enforcement
DENT5660  Special Research Project Part 2
DENT6801  Endodontics Theory I Part 1
DENT6802  Endodontics Theory I Part 2
DENT6803  Endodontics Theory II Part 1
DENT6804  Endodontics Theory II Part 2
DENT6805  Endodontics Theory III Part 1
DENT6806  Endodontics Theory III Part 2
DENT6807  Endodontics Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6808  Endodontics Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6809  Endodontics Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6810  Endodontics Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6811  Endodontics Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6812  Endodontics Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6813  Oral Medicine Theory I Part 1
DENT6814  Oral Medicine Theory I Part 2
DENT6815  Oral MedicineTheory II Part 1
DENT6816  Oral Medicine Theory II Part 2
DENT6817  Oral Medicine Theory III Part 1
DENT6818  Oral Medicine Theory III Part 2
DENT6819  Oral Medicine Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6820  Oral Medicine Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6821  Oral Medicine Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6822  Oral Medicine Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6823  Oral Medicine Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6824  Oral Medicine Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6825  Orthodontics Theory I Part 1
DENT6826  Orthodontics Theory I Part 2
DENT6827  Orthodontics Theory II Part 1
DENT6828  Orthodontics Theory II Part 2
DENT6829  Orthodontics Theory III Part 1
DENT6830  Orthodontics Theory III Part 2
DENT6831  Orthodontics Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6832  Orthodontics Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6833  Orthodontics Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6834  Orthodontics Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6835  Orthodontics Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6836  Orthodontics Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6837  Periodontics Theory I Part 1
DENT6838  Periodontics Theory I Part 2
DENT6839  Periodontics Theory II Part 1
DENT6840  Periodontics Theory II Part 2
DENT6841  Periodontics Theory III Part 1
DENT6842  Periodontics Theory III Part 2
DENT6843  Periodontics Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6844  Periodontics Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6845  Periodontics Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6846  Periodontics Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6847  Periodontics Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6848  Periodontics Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6849  Oral and Maxillofacial Radiography and Radiology
DENT6850  Periodontics Research Dissertation
DENT6851  Endodontics Research Dissertation
DENT6852  Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology Research Dissertation
DENT6853  Orthodontics Research Dissertation
DENT6854  Paediatric Dentistry Theory I Part 1
DENT6855  Paediatric Dentistry Theory I Part 2
DENT6856  Paediatric Dentistry Theory II Part 1
DENT6857  Paediatric Dentistry Theory II Part 2
DENT6858  Paediatric Dentistry Theory III Part 1
DENT6859  Paediatric Dentistry Theory III Part 2
DENT6860  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6861  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6862  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6863  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6864  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6865  Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6866  Paediatric Dentistry Research Dissertation
DENT6870  Oral Pathology Theory I Part 1
DENT6871  Oral Pathology Theory I Part 2
DENT6872  Oral Pathology Theory II Part 1
DENT6873  Oral Pathology Theory II Part 2
DENT6874  Oral Pathology Theory III Part 1
DENT6875  Oral Pathology Theory III Part 2
DENT6876  Oral Pathology Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6877  Oral Pathology Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6878  Oral Pathology Clinical Practice II Part 1
DENT6879  Oral Pathology Clinical Practice II Part 2
DENT6880  Oral Pathology Clinical Practice III Part 1
DENT6881  Oral Pathology Clinical Practice III Part 2
DENT6882  Oral Pathology Research Dissertation
DENT6883  Prosthodontics Theory I Part 1
DENT6884  Prosthodontics Theory I Part 2
DENT6885  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice I Part 1
DENT6886  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice I Part 2
DENT6887  Prosthodontics Theory II (Part 1)
DENT6888  Prosthodontics Theory II (Part 2)
DENT6889  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice II (Part 1)
DENT6890  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice II (Part 2)
DENT6891  Prosthodontics Theory III (Part 1)
DENT6892  Prosthodontics Theory III (Part 2)
DENT6893  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice III (Part 1)
DENT6894  Prosthodontics Clinical Practice III (Part 2)
DENT6895  Prosthodontics Research Dissertation
DENT8601  Clinical Oral Pathology I
DENT8602  Clinical Oral Pathology II
DENT8604  Effective Dental Teaching and Learning
DENT8605  Dental Curriculum Development and Assessment
DENT8606  Professional Development in Continuing Dental Education
DENT8607  Reflective Dental Teaching


EMED5501  Research Design in Emergency Medicine
EMED5502  Evidence-based Emergency Medicine
EMED5503  Special Topics in Emergency Medicine Research


GENE2230  Molecular Genetics I
GENE3340  Molecular Genetics II
GENE3380  Genetic Origins of Health and Disease


HSMD2216  Health Science Professional Practice
HSMD3316  Health Industry Practicum


IMED1001  Form and Function
IMED1002  The Facts of Life
IMED1003  Cell Survival and Communication
IMED1004  Understanding Health and Disease in People and Populations
IMED1108  Issues in Women's Health Across the Lifespan
IMED2001  Body Defences
IMED2002  Blood and Drugs
IMED2003  Essentials of Research in the Health and Medical Sciences
IMED2004  Human Development and Genetics
IMED2200  Mental Wellbeing for Today's World
IMED2205  Health Research Design
IMED2208  Issues in Women's Reproductive Health: Major Diseases and Health Problems
IMED3001  Body Systems and Disease I
IMED3002  Body Systems and Disease II
IMED3003  Body Systems and Disease III
IMED3004  Body Systems and Disease IV
IMED3301  Issues in Women's Reproductive Health: Research and Evidence-based Practice
IMED4111  Foundations of Medical Practice
IMED4121  Systems-based Learning 1
IMED4211  Systems-based Learning 2
IMED4221  Integrated Medical Practice 1
IMED4231  Special unit: MBBS-Scholarly Activity 1
IMED5311  Integrated Medical Practice 2 Part 1
IMED5312  Integrated Medical Practice 2 Part 2
IMED5332  Special unit: MBBS Scholarly Activity 2
IMED5333  Special unit: MBBS Scholarly Activity 3
IMED5393  Special unit: MBBS Scholarly Activity Research Unit
IMED5411  Integrated Medical Practice 3 Part 1
IMED5412  Integrated Medical Practice 3 Part 2
IMED5413  Urban Elective Placement
IMED5414  Rural Elective Placement
IMED5415  International Elective Placement
IMED5417  Elective Remediation Unit
IMED5421  Preparation for Internship
IMED5434  Special unit: MBBS Scholarly Activity 4
IMED5594  Special unit: Dissertation in Cardiology
IMED5801  Principles of Teaching and Learning
IMED5802  Principles of Assessment and Evaluation
IMED5803  Introduction to Research in Health Professions Education
IMED5804  Clinical Teaching and Supervision
IMED5805  Innovation and Contemporary Issues in Health Professions Education
IMED5806  Simulation and Interprofessional Learning in Health Professions Education
IMED5810  Program Evaluation
IMED5811  Professional Portfolio
IMED5812  Dissertation (full-time)
IMED5814  Dissertation (part-time)
IMED5816  Thesis Research (full-time)
IMED5818  Thesis Research (part-time)
IMED5831  Advanced Simulation in Health Professional Education
IMED5832  Interprofessional Education
IMED6601  Science and Practice of Medicine Part 1
IMED6602  Science and Practice of Medicine Part 2
IMED6603  Elective Placement (International)
IMED6604  Elective Placement (Urban)
IMED6605  Elective Placement (Rural)
IMED6621  Personal and Professional Development Part 1
IMED6622  Personal and Professional Development Part 2
IMED6631  Rural General Practice Part 1
IMED6632  Rural General Practice Part 2
IMED6651  Emergency Medicine Part 1
IMED6652  Emergency Medicine Part 2
IMED6661  Medicine Part 1
IMED6662  Medicine Part 2
IMED6671  Psychiatry Part 1
IMED6672  Psychiatry Part 2
IMED6681  Surgery Part 1
IMED6682  Surgery Part 2


MEDC5801  Development and Communication of Research
MEDC5802  Systematic Reviews
MEDC5901  Thesis Research (full-time)
MEDC5902  Thesis Research (part-time)


MICR2203  Introductory Immunology
MICR2204  Introductory Microbiology
MICR2208  Introductory Microbiology
MICR2209  Introduction to Infectious Diseases and Immunology
MICR3305  Immunobiology and Immune Diseases
MICR3308  Infection and Immunity Part 1
MICR3309  Infection and Immunity Part 2
MICR3310  Applied and Environmental Microbiology
MICR3320  Viruses and Viral Disease
MICR3330  Bacteria and Bacterial Disease
MICR3340  Immunity and Infection
MICR3345  Special unit: Research Topics in Infection and Immunity
MICR3350  Advanced Infectious Diseases
MICR5503  Clinical Diagnostic Microbiology
MICR5810  Microbiology Part 1
MICR5811  Microbiology Part 2
MICR5814  Epidemiology and Infection
MICR5829  Foundations of Infectious Diseases
MICR5830  Principles of Mycology and Parasitology
MICR5831  Molecular and Cellular Microbiology Part 1
MICR5832  Diagnostic Medical Microbiology
MICR5833  Antimicrobial Agents
MICR5834  Tropical, Travel and Remote Area Infectious Diseases
MICR5835  Vectors of Infectious Diseases and Vector Control
MICR5836  Public and Environmental Health Microbiology
MICR5838  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 1
MICR5839  Practicum in Infectious Diseases Part 1
MICR5840  Practicum in Infectious Diseases Part 2
MICR5841  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 2
MICR5842  Principles of Infection and Immunity
MICR5843  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 3
MICR5844  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 4
MICR5846  Molecular and Cellular Microbiology Part 2
MICR5847  Introduction to Food Microbiology
MICR5850  Microbiological Food Hazards


NURS5810  Professional Nursing Issues
NURS5811  Nursing Research Proposal
NURS5812  Nursing and the Healthcare System
NURS5813  Evidence-based Nursing Practice
NURS5817  Maternal and Child Health Nursing
NURS5818  Mental Health Nursing
NURS5819  Nursing Research
NURS5820  Clinical Nursing Practicum
NURS5823  Nursing Practice 3
NURS5838  Contemporary Nursing
NURS5839  Nursing Care of Clients Experiencing Acute and Chronic Illness
NURS5840  Research and Enquiry
NURS5841  Nursing Practice 1 (Adult Health)
NURS5842  Nursing Practice 2 (Adult Health)
NURS5843  Nursing Practice 3 (Mental Health)
NURS5844  Nursing Practice 4 (Complex Care)
NURS5845  Nursing Practice 5 (Paediatric Health)
NURS5846  Nursing Practice 6 (Interprofessional Practice in Ambulatory and Community Settings)
NURS5847  Nursing Practice 7 (Capstone)
NURS5901  Thesis Research (full-time)
NURS5902  Thesis Research (part-time)
NURS8801  Dissertation (full-time)
NURS8802  Dissertation (part-time)


PAED3301  Early Origins of Health and Disease
PAED4401  Research Conduct and Ethics
PAED4402  Child Health Honours Research Process I
PAED4403  Child Health Honours Research Process II
PAED4404  Child Health Honours Research Project I
PAED4405  Child Health Honours Research Project II
PAED4406  Nutrition, Lactation and Gastrointestinal Disease
PAED4407  Neonatal Surgery
PAED4408  Neonatal Infections and Immunology
PAED4409  Evidence-based Medicine
PAED4410  Neonatal Respiration and Ventilation
PAED4411  Introduction to Transport Medicine
PAED5501  Neonatal Echocardiography
PAED5502  Practicum I
PAED5503  Practicum II
PAED5504  Transport Medicine
PAED5520  Neonatology Dissertation
PAED5702  Paediatric Sleep Science
PAED5705  Physiology of Sleep Responses
PAED5706  Methods in Sleep Measurement
PAED5707  Clinical Applications of Sleep Responses
PAED5708  Conducting Sleep Studies
PAED5709  Physiology of Respiratory Responses
PAED5710  Methods in Respiratory Measurement
PAED5711  Clinical Applications of Respiratory Responses
PAED5712  Conducting Respiratory Studies
PAED5713  Applied Clinical Reasoning in Paediatric Rheumatology I
PAED5714  Applied Clinical Reasoning in Paediatric Rheumatology II
PAED5901  MChHRes Thesis Research (full-time)
PAED5902  MChHRes Thesis Research (part-time)


PATH2210  Fundamentals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
PATH2211  Molecular Medicine
PATH2220  Introduction to Human Disease
PATH3304  Drugs and Disease B
PATH3305  Medical Genetics
PATH3307  Pathology and Laboratory Medicine I
PATH3308  Pathology and Laboratory Medicine II
PATH3309  Cancer Pathology
PATH5113  Research Project Proposal
PATH5114  Research Communication
PATH5115  Research Project Part 1
PATH5116  Research Project Part 2
PATH5117  Research Project Part 1
PATH5118  Research Project Part 2
PATH5121  Clinical Biochemistry
PATH5122  Advanced Clinical Biochemistry
PATH5125  Clinical Biochemistry Practicum
PATH5131  Anatomical Pathology
PATH5132  Advanced Anatomical Pathology
PATH5135  Anatomical Pathology Practicum
PATH5141  Clinical Immunology
PATH5142  Advanced Clinical Immunology
PATH5145  Clinical Immunology Practicum
PATH5151  Molecular Pathology
PATH5152  Advanced Molecular Pathology
PATH5155  Molecular Pathology Practicum
PATH5161  Haematology
PATH5162  Advanced Haematology
PATH5165  Haematology Practicum
PATH5172  Advanced Clinical Microbiology
PATH5175  Clinical Microbiology Practicum
PATH5511  Clinical Laboratory Skills 1
PATH5513  Biochemistry Research Project
PATH5514  Clinical Laboratory Skills 2
PATH5520  Lipids and Cardiovascular Risk Markers and Iron
PATH5521  Pharmacogenetics, Drug Monitoring and Toxicology
PATH5522  Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Newborn Screening and Paediatric Biochemistry
PATH5524  Liver Function
PATH5525  Electrolytes , Renal Function and Calculi
PATH5526  Clinical Enzymology, Tumour Markers and Proteins
PATH5527  Endocrine System 1
PATH5528  Endocrine System 2
PATH5529  Potassium and Acid-base Balance
PATH5530  Anatomical Pathology Research Project
PATH5531  Foundations of Surgical Pathology
PATH5532  Surgical Anatomy, Grossing Techniques and Histology
PATH5533  Surgical Pathology 1—Genitourinary and Dermatopathology
PATH5534  Surgical Pathology 2—Gastrointestinal and Hepatopancreatic
PATH5535  Surgical Pathology 3—Breast and Respiratory
PATH5536  Surgical Pathology 4—Haematolymphoid and Endocrine
PATH5537  Surgical Pathology 5—Soft Tissue and Bone
PATH5538  Surgical Pathology 6—Neuropathology, Head and Neck
PATH5543  Principles of Human Immunology
PATH5544  Immunodeficiency
PATH5545  Infectious Disease and Tumour Immunology
PATH5546  Hypersensitivity and Allergy
PATH5547  Autoimmunity
PATH5548  Immunogenetics
PATH5549  Transplantation Immunology
PATH5550  Clinical Immunology Research Project
PATH5553  Clinical Laboratory Cytogenetics Theory
PATH5554  Clinical Laboratory Cytogenetics Practicum
PATH5555  Mutation Detection—Laboratory Analytical Methods
PATH5556  Molecular Genetics Theory
PATH5557  Molecular Genetics Practicum 1
PATH5558  Molecular Genetics Practicum 2
PATH5559  Immunogenetics
PATH5560  Clinical Genetics Research Project
PATH5561  Diagnostics Methods I—Cellular Analysis
PATH5563  Acute Leukaemia
PATH5564  Lymphoproliferative Disorders
PATH5565  Mature Plasma Cell Neoplasms
PATH5566  Myeloproliferative and Myelodysplastic Disorders
PATH5567  Complications Requiring Laboratory Support—Transfusion
PATH5568  Complications Requiring Laboratory Support—Coagulation
PATH5569  Haematological Transplantation
PATH5570  Haematology Research Project
PATH5571  Multiresistant Organisms
PATH5572  Molecular Microbiology
PATH5573  Microbiology Research Project


PHAR1101  Drugs that Changed the World
PHAR2210  Foundations of Pharmacology
PHAR2220  Human Pharmacology
PHAR3303  Drugs and Disease A
PHAR3310  Molecular Pharmacology
PHAR3311  Molecular Pharmacology Methods
PHAR3320  Systems Pharmacology
PHAR3321  Systems Pharmacology Methods
PHAR4401  Pharmacology Research Project Part 4
PHAR4402  Pharmacology Research Literature Review
PHAR4403  Research Communication in Pharmacology
PHAR4407  Medical Research Design, Protocols and Analysis
PHAR4408  Medical Research Ethics and Clinical Rationale
PHAR4411  Pharmacology Research Project Part 1
PHAR4421  Pharmacology Research Project Part 2
PHAR4431  Pharmacology Research Project Part 3
PHAR5501  Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (Year 1) Part 1
PHAR5502  Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (Year 1) Part 2


PHCY5000  Professional Work Experience
PHCY5002  Special unit: UWA-ZJU Pharmacy Research Project
PHCY5601  Introduction to Pharmacy Practice
PHCY5602  Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacotherapy 1
PHCY5603  Applied Pharmacotherapy
PHCY5605  Clinical Science for Pharmacy I
PHCY5606  Foundations of Clinical Science
PHCY5608  Health Systems and Pharmacoeconomics
PHCY5609  Current Developments in Nutrition, Health and Biotechnology
PHCY5610  Physical Pharmacy and Biopharmaceutics
PHCY5611  Medicinal Product Formulation
PHCY5612  Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacotherapy 2
PHCY5613  Pharmacy Management and Pharmacoeconomics
PHCY5614  Pharmacy Research Project
PHCY5615  Pharmacy Placement I
PHCY5616  Pharmacy Placement II
PHCY5617  Clinical Science for Pharmacy II
PHCY5618  Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis
PHCY5619  Medicinal Chemistry for Pharmacy
PHCY5620  Applied Pharmacy Practice 1
PHCY5621  Applied Pharmacy Practice 2
PHCY5801  Pharmacotherapy for Nurses
PHCY7400  Pharmaceutical Science Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
PHCY7401  Pharmaceutical Science Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
PHCY7402  Pharmaceutical Science Honours Research Project Part 1
PHCY7403  Pharmaceutical Science Honours Research Project Part 2
PHCY9901  Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
PHCY9902  Doctoral Thesis (part-time)


PODI4101  Podiatric Medicine 1
PODI4102  Introduction to Clinical Practice 1
PODI4105  Podiatric Medicine 2
PODI4106  Introduction to Clinical Practice 2
PODI4201  Podiatric Medicine 3
PODI4202  Progression of Clinical Practice 1
PODI4203  General Medicine and Pathology
PODI4205  Progression of Clinical Practice 2
PODI4206  Podiatric Medicine 4
PODI4207  Pharmacology for Podiatrists
PODI4208  Research Methods
PODI5301  Podiatric Medicine 5
PODI5302  Consolidation of Clinical Practice 1
PODI5303  Anesthesia and General Surgery
PODI5304  Podiatric Research Project
PODI5305  Podiatric Medicine 6
PODI5306  Consolidation of Clinical Practice 2
PODI5307  Podiatric Surgery
PODI5308  Podiatric Seminars
PODI5510  Podiatric Research Methodology
PODI5511  Advanced Podiatric Medicine I
PODI5512  Advanced Podiatric Medicine II
PODI5513  Advanced Podiatric Surgery
PODI5514  Podiatric Medicine Practicum
PODI5515  Podiatric Surgery Practicum
PODI5516  Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Seminars
PODI5521  Podiatric Research Project (full-time)
PODI5522  Podiatric Research Project (part-time)
PODI6531  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum I
PODI6532  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum II
PODI6533  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum III
PODI6534  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum IV
PODI6541  External Clinical Podiatry Practicum I
PODI6542  External Clinical Podiatry Practicum II
PODI6570  Podiatric Research Project (full-time)
PODI6571  Podiatric Research Project (part-time)
PODI6900  Podiatric Research Thesis (full-time)
PODI6902  Podiatric Research Thesis (part-time)


PTMT5401  Manual Therapy for the Upper Quarter
PTMT5402  Manual Therapy for the Lower Quarter
PTMT5403  Manual Therapy for the Spine and Pelvis
PTMT5404  Sports Rehabilitation and Clinical Anatomy
PTMT5501  Clinical Reasoning in Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5502  Applied Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5503  Secondary Consequences of Adult-onset Acquired Neurological Dysfunction
PTMT5504  Neural Plasticity—Review and Implications for Clinical Practice
PTMT5505  Sequelae of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Neurological Impairment in Children
PTMT5506  Neural Plasticity—Review and Implications for Paediatric Clinical Practice
PTMT5509  Neurological Rehabilitation Thesis (full-time)
PTMT5511  Neurological Rehabilitation Thesis (part-time)
PTMT5556  Research and Evidence-based Practice in Rehabilitation
PTMT5557  Diagnosis in Manual Therapy
PTMT5558  Manual Therapy Practice
PTMT5559  Rehabilitation Science
PTMT5560  Joint Structure, Physiology and Response to Injury
PTMT5561  Skeletal Muscle and Tendon—Structure, Physiology and Pathology
PTMT5562  Pathoanatomy and Mechanics of the Vertebral Column
PTMT5601  Clinical Reasoning in Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5602  Applied Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5603  Neuromuscular Sequelae of CNS Injury
PTMT5604  Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Sequelae of CNS Injury
PTMT5605  Neural Recovery and Repair After Neurological Injury
PTMT5606  Neural Plasticity—Implications for Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5607  Neuromuscular Sequelae of CNS Dysfunction in Children
PTMT5608  Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Sequelae of CNS Dysfunction in Children
PTMT5609  Neural Recovery and Repair in the Immature CNS
PTMT5610  Neural Plasticity—Implications for Paediatric Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5701  Diagnosis in Manual Therapy
PTMT5702  Manual Therapy Practice
PTMT5703  Rehabilitation Science
PTMT5704  Research and Evidence-based Practice in Manual Therapy
PTMT5705  Joint Structure, Physiology and Response to Injury
PTMT5706  Skeletal Muscle and Tendon—Structure, Physiology and Pathology
PTMT5707  Pathoanatomy and Mechanics of the Vertebral Column
PTMT5708  Chronic Disease Management in Manual Therapy
PTMT6563  Research and Evidence-based Practice in Manual Therapy


PUBH1101  Health and Illness in Human Populations
PUBH1102  Health and Globalisation
PUBH2203  Foundations of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
PUBH2204  Disease Prevention and Control
PUBH2208  Food and Nutrition in Population Health
PUBH2209  Plagues, Pox and Pandemics: the History of Death and Disease
PUBH2211  Population Health Field Trip
PUBH2216  Communication and Project Planning in Health
PUBH2291  Special unit: Public Health Field Studies in Nepal
PUBH3301  Health Leadership
PUBH3302  Health Promotion
PUBH3305  Health Research Design and Methods
PUBH3307  Health Systems and Policy
PUBH3308  Population Health Practicum
PUBH4401  Biostatistics I
PUBH4402  Honours Research Process
PUBH4403  Epidemiology I
PUBH4404  Population Health Honours Project Part 1
PUBH4405  Population Health Honours Project Part 2
PUBH5701  Public Health Project (full-time)
PUBH5703  Public Health Project (part-time)
PUBH5712  Dissertation (full-time)
PUBH5714  Dissertation (part-time)
PUBH5742  Fundamentals of Genetic Epidemiology
PUBH5743  Environmental and Occupational Health
PUBH5749  Foundations of Public Health
PUBH5751  Disease Prevention in Population Health
PUBH5752  Health Systems and Economics
PUBH5754  Health Promotion I
PUBH5757  Clinical Epidemiology
PUBH5758  Public Health Practicum
PUBH5759  Epidemiology II
PUBH5761  Epidemiology and Control of Communicable Diseases
PUBH5763  Leadership and Management of Health Services
PUBH5765  Health Promotion II
PUBH5766  Health Survey Research Methods
PUBH5769  Biostatistics II
PUBH5771  Special Topics in Public Health
PUBH5783  Health in an Era of Environmental Change
PUBH5784  Special Topics in Public Health
PUBH5785  Introductory Analysis of Linked Health Data
PUBH5801  Economic Evaluation of Health Care
PUBH5802  Advanced Analysis of Linked Health Data
PUBH5804  Food and Nutrition in Population Health
PUBH5805  Qualitative Research Methods in Health
PUBH7401  Population Health Honours Proposal Part 1
PUBH7402  Population Health Honours Proposal Part 2
PUBH7411  Population Health Honours Program Part 1
PUBH7412  Population Health Honours Program Part 2
PUBH8717  Applied Health Economics
PUBH8767  Maternal and Child Health
PUBH8776  Underlying Issues in Aboriginal Health


RMED4403  Health Program Evaluation
RMED5311  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 1
RMED5312  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 1 - Notre Dame
RMED5321  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 2
RMED5322  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 2 - Notre Dame
RMED5801  Rural Clinical Education Practice
RMED5802  Philosophy of Rural and Remote Medicine
RMED5803  Principles of Clinical Teaching and Learning (Rural)
RMED5804  Research Methods for Rural Medicine
RMED5805  Special Topics in Rural and Remote Medicine—Communication
RMED5806  Special Topics in Rural and Remote Medicine—Clinical
RMED5816  Rural Health Nursing
RMED5901  Thesis Research (full-time)
RMED5902  Thesis Research (part-time)
RMED6601  Personal and Professional Development (Rural and Remote Medicine) Part 1
RMED6602  Personal and Professional Development (Rural and Remote Medicine) Part 2


SAHE4221  Research Aboriginal Health Unit 1
SAHE4222  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 1
SAHE5312  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 2
SAHE5321  Research Aboriginal Health Unit 3
SAHE5322  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 3
SAHE5411  Research Aboriginal Health Unit 4
SAHE5412  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 4


SCIE2100  Social Responsibility in Action


SMED4221  Research Foundations Unit
SMED4222  Service Learning Unit 1
SMED5311  Research Project 1
SMED5312  Service Learning Unit 2
SMED5321  Research Project 2
SMED5322  Service Learning Unit 3
SMED5411  Research Project 3
SMED5412  Service Learning Unit 4


SRUR4221  Rural Specialisation—Research Foundations Unit
SRUR4222  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Foundations Unit
SRUR5311  Rural Specialisation—Research Project 1
SRUR5312  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 2
SRUR5321  Rural Specialisation—Research Project 2
SRUR5322  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 3
SRUR5411  Rural Specialisation—Research Project 3
SRUR5412  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 4


SURG5850  Surgical Specialty Core Skills
SURG5851  Surgical Specialty Advanced Skills
SURG5852  Thesis Research (full-time)
SURG5853  Thesis Research (part-time)


SWSP4429  Field Education II
SWSP4536  Dissertation
SWSP5301  Social Work Knowledges, Theory and Values
SWSP5306  Indigenous People and Social Work
SWSP5309  Field Education 1: First Placement
SWSP5404  Social Work in Health and Human Services Contexts Part 1
SWSP5405  Social Work in Health and Human Services Contexts Part 2
SWSP5406  Policy and Community
SWSP5407  Research Methods
SWSP5429  Field Education 2: Final Placement
SWSP5601  Theory for Practice
SWSP5602  Research Methods
SWSP5605  Advanced Community Practice
SWSP5607  Professional Supervision
SWSP5608  Group Work
SWSP5611  Indigenous Policy and Practice
SWSP5613  Health and Human Development
SWSP5614  Theory and Practice: Mental Health
SWSP5615  Advanced Statutory Practice: Mental Health
SWSP5616  Mental Health Policy and Practice
SWSP5617  Family-centred Practice: Mental Health
SWSP5618  Professional Supervision and Management: Child Protection
SWSP5619  Theory and Practice: Child Protection
SWSP5620  Advanced Child Protection Practice
SWSP5621  Child and Family-centred Practice: Child Protection
SWSP5630  Introduction to Psychosocial Theory
SWSP5631  Introduction to Social Work Methods
SWSP5632  Organisational Practice and Law
SWSP5633  Counselling and Ethics
SWSP5634  Social Work and Mental Health Practice
SWSP5635  Organisational Practice, Law and Research
SWSP9901  Advanced Research Methods in Social Work Part 1
SWSP9902  Advanced Studies in Social Work Part 1
SWSP9903  Advanced Theory and Practice in Social Work Part 1
SWSP9904  Research Paradigms in Social Work Studies Part 1
SWSP9905  Doctor of Social Work Thesis (full-time)
SWSP9906  Doctor of Social Work Thesis (part-time)
SWSP9907  Advanced Research Methods in Social Work Part 2
SWSP9908  Advanced Studies in Social Work Part 2
SWSP9909  Advanced Theory and Practice in Social Work Part 2
SWSP9910  Research Paradigms in Social Work Studies Part 2

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