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Units: Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Office (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences)

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AHEA6601  Personal and Professional Development (Aboriginal Health) Part 1
AHEA6602  Personal and Professional Development (Aboriginal Health) Part 2


DENT5649  Basic Dental Science
DENT5650  Forensic Medicine and Pathology
DENT5651  Applied Dental Science
DENT5652  The Law and Law Enforcement
DENT5653  Forensic Medicine
DENT5654  Forensic Pathology
DENT5656  Special Research Project Part 1
DENT5657  The Law
DENT5658  Law Enforcement
DENT5660  Special Research Project Part 2


GENE3380  Genetic Origins of Health and Disease


IMED1001  Form and Function
IMED1002  The Facts of Life
IMED1003  Cell Survival and Communication
IMED1004  Understanding Health and Disease in People and Populations
IMED1108  Issues in Women's Health Across the Lifespan
IMED2002  Blood and Drugs
IMED2003  Essentials of Research in the Health and Medical Sciences
IMED2004  Human Development and Genetics
IMED2208  Issues in Women's Reproductive Health: Major Diseases and Health Problems
IMED3001  Body Systems and Disease I
IMED3002  Body Systems and Disease II
IMED3003  Body Systems and Disease III
IMED3004  Body Systems and Disease IV
IMED3301  Issues in Women's Reproductive Health: Research and Evidence-based Practice
IMED4111  Foundations of Medical Practice
IMED4121  Systems-based Learning 1
IMED4211  Systems-based Learning 2
IMED4221  Integrated Medical Practice 1
IMED5311  Integrated Medical Practice 2 Part 1
IMED5312  Integrated Medical Practice 2 Part 2
IMED5411  Integrated Medical Practice 3 Part 1
IMED5412  Integrated Medical Practice 3 Part 2
IMED5413  Urban Elective Placement
IMED5414  Rural Elective Placement
IMED5415  International Elective Placement
IMED5417  Elective Remediation Unit
IMED5421  Preparation for Internship
IMED5801  Principles of Teaching and Learning
IMED5802  Principles of Assessment and Evaluation
IMED5803  Introduction to Research in Health Professions Education
IMED5804  Clinical Teaching and Supervision
IMED5805  Innovation and Contemporary Issues in Health Professions Education
IMED5806  Simulation and Interprofessional Learning in Health Professions Education
IMED5810  Program Evaluation
IMED5811  Professional Portfolio
IMED5812  Dissertation (full-time)
IMED5814  Dissertation (part-time)
IMED5816  Thesis Research (full-time)
IMED5818  Thesis Research (part-time)
IMED5831  Advanced Simulation in Health Professional Education
IMED5832  Interprofessional Education
IMED6601  Science and Practice of Medicine Part 1
IMED6602  Science and Practice of Medicine Part 2
IMED6603  Elective Placement (International)
IMED6604  Elective Placement (Urban)
IMED6605  Elective Placement (Rural)
IMED6621  Personal and Professional Development Part 1
IMED6622  Personal and Professional Development Part 2
IMED6661  Medicine Part 1
IMED6662  Medicine Part 2


MICR5503  Clinical Diagnostic Microbiology
MICR5810  Microbiology Part 1
MICR5811  Microbiology Part 2


NURS5838  Contemporary Nursing
NURS5839  Nursing Care of Clients Experiencing Acute and Chronic Illness
NURS5840  Research and Enquiry
NURS5841  Nursing Practice 1 (Adult Health)
NURS5842  Nursing Practice 2 (Adult Health)
NURS5843  Nursing Practice 3 (Mental Health)
NURS5844  Nursing Practice 4 (Complex Care)
NURS5845  Nursing Practice 5 (Paediatric Health)
NURS5846  Nursing Practice 6 (Interprofessional Practice in Ambulatory and Community Settings)
NURS5847  Nursing Practice 7 (Capstone)


PHAR4407  Medical Research Design, Protocols and Analysis
PHAR4408  Medical Research Ethics and Clinical Rationale


RMED5311  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 1
RMED5312  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 1 - Notre Dame
RMED5321  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 2
RMED5322  Integrated Rural Medical Practice 2 - Notre Dame
RMED5801  Rural Clinical Education Practice
RMED5802  Philosophy of Rural and Remote Medicine
RMED5803  Principles of Clinical Teaching and Learning (Rural)
RMED5804  Research Methods for Rural Medicine
RMED5805  Special Topics in Rural and Remote Medicine—Communication
RMED5806  Special Topics in Rural and Remote Medicine—Clinical
RMED5901  Thesis Research (full-time)
RMED5902  Thesis Research (part-time)
RMED6601  Personal and Professional Development (Rural and Remote Medicine) Part 1
RMED6602  Personal and Professional Development (Rural and Remote Medicine) Part 2


SAHE4221  Research Aboriginal Health Unit 1
SAHE4222  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 1
SAHE5312  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 2
SAHE5321  Research Aboriginal Health Unit 3
SAHE5322  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 3
SAHE5411  Research Aboriginal Health Unit 4
SAHE5412  Service Learning Aboriginal Health Unit 4


SMED4221  Research Foundations Unit
SMED4222  Service Learning Unit 1
SMED5311  Research Project 1
SMED5312  Service Learning Unit 2
SMED5321  Research Project 2
SMED5322  Service Learning Unit 3
SMED5411  Research Project 3
SMED5412  Service Learning Unit 4


SRUR4221  Rural Specialisation—Research Foundations Unit
SRUR4222  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Foundations Unit
SRUR5311  Rural Specialisation—Research Project 1
SRUR5312  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 2
SRUR5321  Rural Specialisation—Research Project 2
SRUR5322  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 3
SRUR5411  Rural Specialisation—Research Project 3
SRUR5412  Rural Specialisation—Service Learning Unit 4

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