UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences)

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AHEA1101  Aboriginal Health
AHEA1102  Communication and Research Methods
AHEA1103  Introduction to Human Biological Sciences I
AHEA1104  Introduction to Human Biological Sciences II
AHEA2201  Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing
AHEA2202  Aboriginal Health Context and Application
AHEA2203  Advanced Human Biological Sciences I
AHEA2204  Advanced Human Biological Sciences II
AHEA2205  Human Sciences Research Project
AHEA3200  Aboriginal Health Community Organisation Placement
AHEA3300  Aboriginal Health Research Project
AHEA3301  Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing
AHEA4440  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 1
AHEA4441  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 2
AHEA4442  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 3
AHEA4443  Aboriginal Health Honours Thesis Part 4
AHEA5801  Aboriginal Health Research and Ethics
AHEA5880  Aboriginal Health Thesis (Research) (full-time)
AHEA5881  Aboriginal Health Thesis (Research) (part-time)


EMED5501  Research Design in Emergency Medicine
EMED5502  Evidence-based Emergency Medicine
EMED5503  Special Topics in Emergency Medicine Research


IMED6651  Emergency Medicine Part 1
IMED6652  Emergency Medicine Part 2


RMED4403  Health Program Evaluation

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