UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Paediatrics and Child Health (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences)

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PAED3301  Early Origins of Health and Disease
PAED4401  Research Conduct and Ethics
PAED4402  Child Health Honours Research Process I
PAED4403  Child Health Honours Research Process II
PAED4404  Child Health Honours Research Project I
PAED4405  Child Health Honours Research Project II
PAED4406  Nutrition, Lactation and Gastrointestinal Disease
PAED4407  Neonatal Surgery
PAED4408  Neonatal Infections and Immunology
PAED4409  Evidence-based Medicine
PAED4410  Neonatal Respiration and Ventilation
PAED5501  Neonatal Echocardiography
PAED5502  Practicum I
PAED5503  Practicum II
PAED5504  Transport Medicine
PAED5520  Neonatology Dissertation
PAED5702  Paediatric Sleep Science
PAED5705  Physiology of Sleep Responses
PAED5706  Methods in Sleep Measurement
PAED5707  Clinical Applications of Sleep Responses
PAED5708  Conducting Sleep Studies
PAED5709  Physiology of Respiratory Responses
PAED5710  Methods in Respiratory Measurement
PAED5711  Clinical Applications of Respiratory Responses
PAED5712  Conducting Respiratory Studies
PAED5713  Applied Clinical Reasoning in Paediatric Rheumatology I
PAED5714  Applied Clinical Reasoning in Paediatric Rheumatology II
PAED5901  MChHRes Thesis Research (full-time)
PAED5902  MChHRes Thesis Research (part-time)

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