UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Microbiology and Immunology (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences)

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MICR2203  Introductory Immunology
MICR2204  Introductory Microbiology
MICR2208  Introductory Microbiology
MICR2209  Introduction to Infectious Diseases and Immunology
MICR3305  Immunobiology and Immune Diseases
MICR3308  Infection and Immunity Part 1
MICR3309  Infection and Immunity Part 2
MICR3310  Applied and Environmental Microbiology
MICR3320  Viruses and Viral Disease
MICR3330  Bacteria and Bacterial Disease
MICR3340  Immunity and Infection
MICR3345  Special unit: Research Topics in Infection and Immunity
MICR3350  Advanced Infectious Diseases
MICR5814  Epidemiology and Infection
MICR5829  Foundations of Infectious Diseases
MICR5830  Principles of Mycology and Parasitology
MICR5831  Molecular and Cellular Microbiology Part 1
MICR5832  Diagnostic Medical Microbiology
MICR5833  Antimicrobial Agents
MICR5834  Tropical, Travel and Remote Area Infectious Diseases
MICR5835  Vectors of Infectious Diseases and Vector Control
MICR5836  Public and Environmental Health Microbiology
MICR5838  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 1
MICR5839  Practicum in Infectious Diseases Part 1
MICR5840  Practicum in Infectious Diseases Part 2
MICR5841  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 2
MICR5842  Principles of Infection and Immunity
MICR5843  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 3
MICR5844  Research Project in Infectious Diseases Part 4
MICR5846  Molecular and Cellular Microbiology Part 2
MICR5847  Introduction to Food Microbiology
MICR5850  Microbiological Food Hazards

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