UWA Handbook 2017


Units: Surgery (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences)

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IMED6681  Surgery Part 1
IMED6682  Surgery Part 2


PODI4101  Podiatric Medicine 1
PODI4102  Introduction to Clinical Practice 1
PODI4105  Podiatric Medicine 2
PODI4106  Introduction to Clinical Practice 2
PODI4201  Podiatric Medicine 3
PODI4202  Progression of Clinical Practice 1
PODI4203  General Medicine and Pathology
PODI4205  Progression of Clinical Practice 2
PODI4206  Podiatric Medicine 4
PODI4207  Pharmacology for Podiatrists
PODI4208  Research Methods
PODI5301  Podiatric Medicine 5
PODI5302  Consolidation of Clinical Practice 1
PODI5303  Anesthesia and General Surgery
PODI5304  Podiatric Research Project
PODI5305  Podiatric Medicine 6
PODI5306  Consolidation of Clinical Practice 2
PODI5307  Podiatric Surgery
PODI5308  Podiatric Seminars
PODI5510  Podiatric Research Methodology
PODI5511  Advanced Podiatric Medicine I
PODI5512  Advanced Podiatric Medicine II
PODI5513  Advanced Podiatric Surgery
PODI5514  Podiatric Medicine Practicum
PODI5515  Podiatric Surgery Practicum
PODI5516  Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Seminars
PODI5521  Podiatric Research Project (full-time)
PODI5522  Podiatric Research Project (part-time)
PODI6531  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum I
PODI6532  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum II
PODI6533  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum III
PODI6534  Internal Clinical Podiatry Practicum IV
PODI6541  External Clinical Podiatry Practicum I
PODI6542  External Clinical Podiatry Practicum II
PODI6570  Podiatric Research Project (full-time)
PODI6571  Podiatric Research Project (part-time)
PODI6900  Podiatric Research Thesis (full-time)
PODI6902  Podiatric Research Thesis (part-time)


PTMT5401  Manual Therapy for the Upper Quarter
PTMT5402  Manual Therapy for the Lower Quarter
PTMT5403  Manual Therapy for the Spine and Pelvis
PTMT5404  Sports Rehabilitation and Clinical Anatomy
PTMT5501  Clinical Reasoning in Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5502  Applied Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5503  Secondary Consequences of Adult-onset Acquired Neurological Dysfunction
PTMT5504  Neural Plasticity—Review and Implications for Clinical Practice
PTMT5505  Sequelae of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Neurological Impairment in Children
PTMT5506  Neural Plasticity—Review and Implications for Paediatric Clinical Practice
PTMT5509  Neurological Rehabilitation Thesis (full-time)
PTMT5511  Neurological Rehabilitation Thesis (part-time)
PTMT5556  Research and Evidence-based Practice in Rehabilitation
PTMT5557  Diagnosis in Manual Therapy
PTMT5558  Manual Therapy Practice
PTMT5559  Rehabilitation Science
PTMT5560  Joint Structure, Physiology and Response to Injury
PTMT5561  Skeletal Muscle and Tendon—Structure, Physiology and Pathology
PTMT5562  Pathoanatomy and Mechanics of the Vertebral Column
PTMT5601  Clinical Reasoning in Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5602  Applied Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5603  Neuromuscular Sequelae of CNS Injury
PTMT5604  Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Sequelae of CNS Injury
PTMT5605  Neural Recovery and Repair After Neurological Injury
PTMT5606  Neural Plasticity—Implications for Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5607  Neuromuscular Sequelae of CNS Dysfunction in Children
PTMT5608  Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Sequelae of CNS Dysfunction in Children
PTMT5609  Neural Recovery and Repair in the Immature CNS
PTMT5610  Neural Plasticity—Implications for Paediatric Neurological Rehabilitation
PTMT5701  Diagnosis in Manual Therapy
PTMT5702  Manual Therapy Practice
PTMT5703  Rehabilitation Science
PTMT5704  Research and Evidence-based Practice in Manual Therapy
PTMT5705  Joint Structure, Physiology and Response to Injury
PTMT5706  Skeletal Muscle and Tendon—Structure, Physiology and Pathology
PTMT5707  Pathoanatomy and Mechanics of the Vertebral Column
PTMT5708  Chronic Disease Management in Manual Therapy
PTMT6563  Research and Evidence-based Practice in Manual Therapy


SURG5850  Surgical Specialty Core Skills
SURG5851  Surgical Specialty Advanced Skills
SURG5852  Thesis Research (full-time)
SURG5853  Thesis Research (part-time)

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